I live in Georgia, in Eurasia, and back in 2008 some friends and I were near the border of Azerbaijan, doing some fishing. We inadvertently crossed the border into Azerbaijan, where the fishing was hot, and, not realizing we weren’t in Georgia, spent the night. At dawn, before sunrise, several Azerbaijani border guards awoke us and told us to follow them back to their division. They were clearly drunk and were all sporting AK-47s.

We tried to talk our way out of the situation, but nothing helped—until we proposed to make a trade for our freedom. We offered them money, but they would not take it. We offered our fishing equipment, but again they refused. Finally, remembering my SureFire 9P® Original (now discontinued) was in my pack, I dug it out and showed it to them. I turned it on and lit up the darkness, impressing the guards with its output. We had a deal: my favorite flashlight for our freedom. It was scary night, but thanks to SureFire quality, there was a happy ending—for both parties.

George J.
Tbilisi, Georgia