This winter, my girlfriend and I decided to take a walk on the trails behind our house to see if we could see the northern lights. It was negative seven degrees (F). While on our walk, we heard a big rustle in the brush next to the trail. I immediately pulled out my E2D LED Defender® and lit up the area from where the noise was coming. Out walked a big bull moose that just froze in its tracks. I began to look for some kind of cover, but all that was around us was brush that the bull could easily run through. I turned the light on to its 200-lumen maximum output, hoping it would scare off the moose. It did. The moose shook its head a little and trotted off back through the brush. We decided that was enough excitement for one night and went back home for some hot chocolate—the best hot chocolate I've ever tasted! Thanks, SureFire. Your light saved us from a potential world of hurt. It's most definitely a necessity for any true Alaskan.

Nicholas S.
Anchorage, AK

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