I have an E2D LED Defender®, and I bring it with me practically everywhere I go, in this particular case, on one of my early evening runs in the city. I usually keep the E2DL in my hand when I run, since I don't like things bouncing around in my pocket. Plus, it gives me some level of security against stray dogs that may decide to tag along. On this run, I was in the middle of crossing the street when a cab raced towards me, not heeding the pedestrian lane. I quickly brought my SureFire into action, blasting the cab driver with all of the E2DL's 120 lumens. The driver slammed on the brakes and came to a screeching halt only a few feet from where I stood. It's great to know my E2DL has power to stop reckless drivers right in their tracks.

Christian P.
Makati City, Philippines

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