I am a middle school science teacher in Alabama, and one day, last spring, it was a rainy, nasty day, and we were under tornado watches until late afternoon. The tornado watch quickly turned into a tornado warning, and we were instructed to take our classes to a downstairs room for safety. All the teachers at my school are issued a classroom light (I will refrain from mentioning the brand of the light we're issued, so as not to embarrass them), but since the quality is not to my liking, I always put my SureFire E2D LED Defender® in my desk once I get to work. So, when we were instructed to go downstairs and the power happened to go out, the few teachers who actually had their issued flashlights turned them on. Needless to say, we were still in the dark until my Defender provided a nice, bright light that amazed the kids and my coworkers. Not only did it allow us to see and keep track of all the students, it allowed the kids to forget about the bad weather so we were all able to relax until we were given the green light to return to our classrooms. Thanks, SureFire, for the great products you make.

Nic G.
Cullman, AL

See the E2DL flashlight: