One night, our neighbor's dog dug his way under the fence and into our yard. Seeing this, I grabbed my Surefire E2D LED and went around the side gate to take him back to the neighbor's house. Unfortunately, his collar slipped, and, as he playfully bounded away from me and across the yard, I noticed a car careening around the corner, going maybe 30 mph. I called to the dog, but that accomplished nothing. The dog is a dark color and, in the shadows, is practically impossible to see. To make matters worse, a car parked on the side of the street shielded him from the driver's view. It was clear that neither would see each other in time, and the only thing I could do was light up the dog with 120 lumens of light from my SureFire. As soon as I turned the light on, the driver saw what was happening and swerved to avoid the dog. I definitely wouldn't have gotten that reaction with a MagLite. Thanks to my SureFire, the little kid next door still has her mutt, and I saved myself from having to scrape him off the pavement.

Thomas D.
San Antonio, TX

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