My in-laws were visiting for Thanksgiving and were telling us a story about how their power went out in their new home during a BIG storm. With Christmas just around the corner, I made a mental note to get them a SureFire G2® LED [superseded by the G2X Tactical--Ed.]. Last week, while visiting, my mother-in-law dropped something that went under the couch. Excited to try out her new flashlight, which she had with her, she fired it up and looked under the couch, where she excitedly found the item she was looking for and a whole lot more. Her excitement quickly turned to shock as she gazed at all the dust under the couch. A "clean freak," she immediately proceeded to dust, sweep, and vacuum, her G2 LED in hand, making sure she picked up every last speck of dust. Not only did that G2 LED save the day, it got our house cleaned more thoroughly than it's been in years. Thanks, SureFire.

David G.
New York, NY

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