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ProComp Muzzle Brakes

SureFire ProComp muzzle brakes, featuring precision stainless steel construction and a tough Melonite coating, greatly reduce recoil and muzzle rise, permitting faster follow-up shots. ProComp muzzle brakes are threaded to mate with popular rifle models and fit other firearms with correct threads and barrel configuration. ProComp muzzle brakes do not serve as adapter mounts for SureFire sound suppressors.

    5.56 mm (.223 Caliber)   ProComp Muzzle Brakes

  • PROCOMP-556-1/2-28 Muzzle Brake
    PROCOMP 556  Muzzle Brake for M4 / M16 Rifles and Variants
    M4, M16 and variants with 1/2-28 muzzle threads
  • 7.62 mm (.308 Caliber)   ProComp Muzzle Brakes

  • PROCOMP-762-5/8-24 Muzzle Brake
    PROCOMP 762  Muzzle Brake
    Armalite AR-10, DPMS LR308, and 7.62 mm rifles with 5/8-24 muzzle threads