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Legacy Flash Hider / Adapters — 5.56 mm (.223 Caliber)

SureFire Legacy (Prior-Generation) Flash Hider / Suppressor Adapters

The flash hiders listed on this page are our prior-generation models. They provide the same superior performance as our new SOCOM Series flash hiders, but they cannot be used as adapters to attach SOCOM Series sound suppressors to firearms. They can only be used to attach our Legacy (prior-generation) sound suppressors to firearms. If you have questions:
  • FH556 Flash Hider1
    FH556-215A  5.56 Flash Hider for Rifles
    M4, M16, AR variants, HK416
    • Adapter has open prongs

    FA556-212, FA556K, FA556MG, MICRO, MINI suppressors