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Sound Suppressors
Fast Attach System

1. Fast-Attach® System

Improved. Read more in section below.

2. Special alloys

Resist extreme temperatures and gas/particle erosion.

3. Redundant welds

Eliminates loose parts due to heat, impact, vibration, or hot/cold cycles; eliminates crack propagation due to continuous circumferential welds.

4. Minimal weight and length

Minimizes change in weapon maneuverability, stowability, and carried weight.

5. Fail-safe baffles

Designed to let an unbalanced or defective projectile pass through the baffles and travel safely downrange instead of exiting suppressor side walls.

6. Improved gas flow dynamics

Together with patent-pending front plate design, this provides virtual elimination of first-round flash, reduced back pressure that lowers suppressed cyclic rate and gas blowback on shooter, and unprecedented reduction of sound and dust signatures

SureFire Minimal Examples
SureFire Micro

Targets show typical results when SureFire suppressors are attached to a firearm: minimal shift from firearm's point-of-impact in unsuppressed mode, and improved group size. Firearm used: Remington 700 in 5.56X45 mm, 16" barrelwith SureFire MB556K muzzle brake adapter. Ammunition: Black Hills 77 grain BTHP. Range: 100 yards. Center square:1" x 1". First target: 5-round group, no suppressor. A different SureFire FA556-212 suppressor was used to shoot 5-roundgroups shown on remaining targets.

End Mount Overlap Suppressor Types
Micro Suppressor Example

SureFire offers two types of Fast-Attach® suppressors:


Our End Mount models extend slightly or not at all beyond the rear of the muzzle threads.


Our Overlap models overlap the barrel about 2.25 inches beyond the rear of the muzzle threads. Both types meet the same rigorous testing standards €”outstanding accuracy, zero or minimal point-of-impact shift, combat-proven durability, and rock-solid attachment under abusive conditions. Some users prefer one type over the other, so we make both.