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Fire Rescue Lights

These compact, high-output LED flashlights were created for firefighters, paramedics, and other first responders. They produce greater output than much larger two-D-cell flashlights, and continue producing useful light for up to 12 hours on a single set of batteries. Their smooth, brilliant beams can be modified with included diffusers to suit specific needs. They feature high-visibility yellow Nitrolon® bodies with deep grip molding, aerospace aluminum bezels and tailcaps, weatherproof seals, and included reflective body stickers for additional visibility.
  • G2X Fire Rescue Pro Flashlight Helmet Mount Kit
    G2X Fire Rescue Pro Helmet Mount Kit  Dual-Output LED + Helmet Mount
    320 lumens Max Output
    50 lumens Low Output
    1.25 inches Bezel Dia.
    5.2 inches Length
  • G2X Fire Rescue Pro flashlight -- front angle view
    G2X Fire Rescue Pro  Dual-Output LED
    320 lumens Max Output
    50 lumens Low Output
    1.25  inches Bezel Dia.
    5.2 inches Length
  • P3X Fury flashlight -- front angle view
    P3X Fury®  Ultra-High Dual-Output LED
    1000.0 lumens Max Output
    15 lumens Low Output
    2.25 Tactical Runtime
    1.37 inches Bezel Dia.
    6.8 inches Length
  • EB2 Backup flashlight -- front angle view
    EB2 Backup®  Ultra-High Dual-Output LED
    500.0 lumens Max Output
    5.0 lumens Low Output
    2.25 hours Tactical Runtime
    1.125 inches Bezel Dia.
    5.8 inches Length
  • M3LT flashlight -- front angle view
    M3LT CombatLight®  Ultra-High Dual-Output LED
    1000 lumens Max Output
    70.0 lumens Low Output
    1.5 hours Tactical Runtime
    2.50 inches Bezel Dia.
    8.70 inches Length
  • Minimus AA headlamp -- front angle view
    Minimus AA  Variable-Output LED Headlamp — AA Batteries
    100.0 lumens Max Output
    1.0 Low Output
  • HL1-A Helmet Light -- beam shots on helmets
    HL1-A  Helmet Light     LEDs — 3 White, 2 Blue, 1 Infrared IFF
    19.2   lumens Max Output