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Product Information Kits

Up to date product information kits for SureFire products below. This list includes, product information sheets, product images and more.

Batteries & Accessories

Product SKUProduct Name
123A Batteries123A BatteriesDownload Kit
DD-RTS-FODD-RTS-FO Rapid Transition SightsDownload Kit
DD-RTS-SETDD-RTS-SET Rapid Transition SightsDownload Kit
DD-RTS-TRITIUMDD-RTS-TRITIUM Rapid Transition SightsDownload Kit
DG SwitchesDG SwitchesDownload Kit
EWP-03The SureFire Pen IIIDownload Kit
EWP-04The SureFire Pen IVDownload Kit
F05/F06/F26/F27Slip-on Flashlight Bezel Filters 1.0 inchDownload Kit
FM70FM70 FilterDownload Kit
MAG5-60High Capacity MagazinesDownload Kit
HCM-POUCHHigh Capacity MagazinesDownload Kit
HD1-RMASTERFIRE HolsterDownload Kit
HD1-RMASTERFIRE Pro HolsterDownload Kit
KE1HKE1 M300 Series 3-Volt Light BezelDownload Kit
KE2KE2 M600 Series 6-Volt Light BezelDownload Kit
KM1KM1 M300V Series Infrared & White Light BezelDownload Kit
KM2KM2 M600V Series Infrared & White Light BezelDownload Kit
LM1-B-BKLM1 3-Volt White Light For Dedicated ForendsDownload Kit
LM2-B-BKLM2 6-Volt White Light For Dedicated ForendsDownload Kit
SF-HOLSTER-KITSuppressor Pouch & BrushDownload Kit
SF18650BSF18650B SureFire BatteryDownload Kit
M-AD-SFAmerican Defense MFG QD Auto Lock MountDownload Kit
WEAPON-LIGHT-SWITCHESWeapon Light SwitchesDownload Kit


Product SKUProduct Name
EA10-UAC-STEA10-UAC-ST Filter / Sound TubeDownload Kit
EP3EP3 Sonic DefendersDownload Kit
EP4EP4 Sonic Defenders PlusDownload Kit
EP5EP5 Sonic Defenders MaxDownload Kit
EP7EP7 Sonic Defenders UltraDownload Kit
EP9EP9 Sonic Defenders Cobalt MaxDownload Kit
EP10EP10 Sonic Defenders Ultra MaxDownload Kit

Handheld Flashlights

Product SKUProduct Name
6PX-C-BK6PX TacticalDownload Kit
6PX-D-BK6PX ProDownload Kit
AVIATORAviatorDownload Kit
DBRDBR GuardianDownload Kit
E1B-MVE1B BackupDownload Kit
E2DLUE2D DefenderDownload Kit
E2T-MVTacticianDownload Kit
EDCL1-TEDCL1-TDownload Kit
EDCL2-TEDCL2-TDownload Kit
FIREPAK-AFirePakDownload Kit
FURY-IB-DFFURY IntelliBeam DFTDownload Kit
G2X-CG2X TacticalDownload Kit
G2X-DG2X ProDownload Kit
G2X-MVG2X MaxVisionDownload Kit
G2XLEG2X Law Enforcement EditionDownload Kit
G2Z-MVG2Z MaxVision Combat LightDownload Kit
G2ZX-C-BKG2ZX Combat LightDownload Kit
P1R-BP1R PeacekeeperDownload Kit
SIDEKICK-ASidekickDownload Kit
PLR-AStilettoDownload Kit
PLR-BStiletto ProDownload Kit
TITAN-ATitanDownload Kit
TITAN-BTitan PlusDownload Kit
UDRDominatorDownload Kit
V1-BV1 VampireDownload Kit
V1-CV1 VampireDownload Kit

HellFighter & Accessories

Product SKUProduct Name
HF4AHellFighter 4Download Kit

HelmetLights & Headlamps

Product SKUProduct Name
HL1HL1 Helmet LightsDownload Kit

Muzzle Devices

Product SKUProduct Name
3P-ELIMINATOR3P Eliminator Flash HiderDownload Kit
RBC-556-CTN-BKReinforcement Bar CutterDownload Kit
SF3PSOCOM 3 Prong Flash HiderDownload Kit
SF3P-50BMGSF3P 50BMG Flash HiderDownload Kit
SF3P-556-MP7SF3P MP7 Flash HiderDownload Kit
SFCT-556-1/2-28Closed Tine Flash HiderDownload Kit
SFMBSOCOM Muzzle BrakeDownload Kit
WARCOMPWARCOMP Flash HiderDownload Kit
WARCOMP-CTN-1/2-28WARCOMP Closed Tine Flash HiderDownload Kit


Product SKUProduct Name
SF-RYDER-22-SRYDER 22S SuppressorDownload Kit
SF RYDER 9-MP5SF RYDER 9-MP5 SuppressorDownload Kit
SF RYDER 9-Ti2SF RYDER 9-Ti2 SuppressorDownload Kit
SF RYDER 9M-TiSF RYDER 9M Ti SuppressorDownload Kit
SOCOM300-SPSSOCOM 300 SPS SuppressorDownload Kit
SOCOM338-TiSOCOM338 Ti SuppressorDownload Kit
SOCOM50-SPSSOCOM 50 SPS SuppressorDownload Kit
SOCOM556-MGSOCOM 556 Machine Gun SuppressorDownload Kit
SOCOM556-MINI2SOCOM 556 MINI SuppressorDownload Kit
SOCOM556-RCSOCOM 556 RC SuppressorDownload Kit
SOCOM556-RC2SOCOM 556 RC2 SuppressorDownload Kit
SOCOM556-SB2SOCOM 556 SB2 SuppressorDownload Kit
SOCOM65-RC2SOCOM65-RC2 SuppressorDownload Kit
SOCOM65-TiSOCOM65-Ti SuppressorDownload Kit
SOCOM762-MGSOCOM 762 Machine Gun SuppressorDownload Kit
SOCOM762-MINISOCOM 762 MINI SuppressorDownload Kit
SOCOM762-MINI2SOCOM 762 MINI2 SuppressorDownload Kit
SOCOM762-RCSOCOM 762 RC SuppressorDownload Kit
SOCOM762-RC2SOCOM 762 RC2 SuppressorDownload Kit
SOCOM762-TiSOCOM 762 Ti SuppressorDownload Kit

Suppressor Accessories

Product SKUProduct Name
Z-71347SOCOM 3-Prong Flash Hider Installation WrenchDownload Kit
SF-BFABlank Firing AdapterDownload Kit
SF-RODBore Alignment RodsDownload Kit
PISTON-9SF RYDER 9 PistonDownload Kit
SPCR-9SF RYDER 9 SpacerDownload Kit
SF-TRAINERSF Trainer 556 & 762Download Kit
SF-ACSTAdapter Carbon Scraping ToolDownload Kit
SF-BFA-556-MK46MK46 Blank Firing AdapterDownload Kit
SF-BFA-762MG-M240Machine Gun Blank Firing AdapterDownload Kit
SF-BSD-556Blank Safety DeviceDownload Kit
SF-OBC-556Optimized Bolt Carrier GroupDownload Kit


Product SKUProduct Name
328LMF-B328LMF-B Forend WeaponLightDownload Kit
618LMF-BRemington Forend WeaponLightDownload Kit
623LMF-B623LMG-B Shotgun Forend WeaponLightDownload Kit
628LMF-B628LMF-B Forend WeaponLightDownload Kit
DSF-500-590DSF-500 / 590 Shotgun Forend WeaponLightDownload Kit
DSF-870DSF-870 Shotgun Forend WeaponLightDownload Kit
M300C-Z68M300C Scout Light WeaponLightDownload Kit
M300V-B-Z68M300V Scout Light WeaponLightDownload Kit
M312CM312C Scout Light WeaponLightDownload Kit
M312VM312V Scout Light WeaponLightDownload Kit
M313VM313V Scout Light WeaponLightDownload Kit
M322CM322C Scout Light WeaponLightDownload Kit
M322VM322V Scout Light WeaponLightDownload Kit
M323VM323V Scout Light WeaponLightDownload Kit
M340C-PROMini Scout Light ProDownload Kit
M600AAM600AA Scout Light WeaponLightDownload Kit
M600AAVM600AAV Scout Light WeaponLightDownload Kit
M600DFM600 Dual Fuel Scout Light WeaponLightDownload Kit
M600IB-Z68-BKM600 IntelliBeam Scout Light WeaponLightDownload Kit
M600U-Z68M600U Scout Light WeaponLightDownload Kit
M600V-Z68M600V Scout Light WeaponLightDownload Kit
M603VM603V Scout Light WeaponLightDownload Kit
M611VM611V Scout Light WeaponLightDownload Kit
M612UM612U Scout Light WeaponLightDownload Kit
M612VM612V Scout Light WeaponLightDownload Kit
M613UM613U Scout Light WeaponLightDownload Kit
M613VM613V Scout Light WeaponLightDownload Kit
M622UM622U Scout Light WeaponLightDownload Kit
M622VM622V Scout Light WeaponLightDownload Kit
M623VM623V Scout Light WeaponLightDownload Kit
M640DF-PROScout Light Dual Fuel ProDownload Kit
M640DU-PROScout Light ProDownload Kit
M640DV-PROScout Light Pro InfraredDownload Kit
M952VM952V Scout Light WeaponLightDownload Kit
X300U-AX300U-A WeaponLightDownload Kit
X300U-BX300U-B WeaponLightDownload Kit
X300VX300V WeaponLightDownload Kit
X300V-BX300V-B WeaponLightDownload Kit
X400UX400 Ultra WeaponLightDownload Kit
X400UHX400 Ultra MASTERFIRE Edition WeaponLightDownload Kit
X400V-B-IRCX400 Vampire WeaponLightDownload Kit
X400V-B-IRCX400 Vampire WeaponLightDownload Kit
X400VH-B-IRCX400 Vampire MASTERFIRE Edition WeaponLightDownload Kit
XC1-BXC1 WeaponLightDownload Kit
XC2-AXC2 WeaponLightDownload Kit
XC2-A-IRCXC2 Infrared WeaponLightDownload Kit
XH30XH30 WeaponLightDownload Kit
XH35XH35 WeaponLightDownload Kit
XSCXSC WeaponLightDownload Kit
XVL2XVL2 WeaponLightDownload Kit


Product SKUProduct Name
2211-A-BK-PLM2211Download Kit
2211-B-BK-LMX2211 LuminoxDownload Kit
2211-B-BK-SF2211 SignatureDownload Kit
2211X-A-BK2211XDownload Kit