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Other Accessories

  • RM45 Off-set Rail Mount - Black
    RM45  Off-Set Rail Mount for a Scout Light┬« -- Thumbscrew-Clamp Models Only
    M300, M300V, M600U, M600V, M600P, M600 AA
    LIGHTKEEPER   Clip with heavy duty retractable cord
  • surefire-bolt-alignment-rod-group
    $79.00 - $109.00
  • SC1 Spares Carrier , holds six 123A batteries
    SC1  Spares Carrier, 6-battery, Short
    Six 123A lithium batteries plus one of the following lamp assemblies: P60, P60L, P61, P90, P91, R30, R60, MN01, MN02, MN03, MA02.
  • The MB10 battery magazine for M500 and M511 WeaponLights.
    MB10  MB10 Battery Magazine
    M500 and M511 series of SureFire Dedicated Forend WeaponLights
  • MB20 Battery Magazine for M6LT Guardian -- empty
    MB20  MB20 Battery Magazine
    M6 Guardian®handheld flashlight and all "B" option Millennium Forend WeaponLights
  • CR-KIT01 flashlight combat rings
    CR-KIT01  Flashlight Combat Rings
    Flashlights with a 1.0" diameter tailcap
  • V92
    V92  Pouch for 60-Round High-Capacity Magazine
    One SureFire 60-round high-capacity magazine (MAG5-60)