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Adapter Mount

MR11 Adapter Mount -- provides Picatinny rail

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MR11 084871863117
The MR11 attaches to all rail-less variations of the Beretta 92 pistol, including the government M9, and the Beretta 96, providing the rail necessary to mount any SureFire X Series WeaponLight. With the MR11 attached, the X Series WeaponLights can be easily slid off your pistol, carried separately, and slid on again when needed.

The MR11 fits snugly and securely to the pistol. This lightweight, low-profile mount is slim enough to allow the pistol plus mount to fit most holsters made for the Beretta 92. May not fit custom-molded holsters. Made from very high strength 7000 series aluminum; many competition mounts are made out 6000 series, which has about half the strength. Design allows tightening or removal of the MR11 with a cartridge rim - no hex wrench necessary. Trigger guard locking wedge is energy absorbent polyurethane, avoiding metal-to-metal contact. A spacer shim is provided to accommodate manufacturing variations in the trigger guard thickness (e.g. the M9). Features an anti-chafing pad to prevent scoring of the dust cover.
  • Secure semi-permanent mount
  • Slim design allows holstering pistol-plus-mount in many softer holsters
  • Anti-chafing pad prevents dust cover damage
  • Construction: Ultra high-strength 7000-series aluminum

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Great idea. Needs work.

I have the M9 so my handgun requires the spacer that comes with the MR11. Because of this the rail doesn't fit completely snug along the whole surface. it only touches at the front and there is a small gap that grows to approx 1/16 of an inch. This makes the flashlight sit at an angle facing slightly upward. This product works, but for the price it should be perfect.

Reviewed by CC (Posted on 2/14/15)


Product fits PERFECTLY on my Beretta 92FS.

*** WARNING ***
Do NOT use shim if you don't have a model 92F. Surefire has made this product to fit exactly on the 92FS without it, and if you try to use the shim provided, you risk having some real trouble removing the MR11 adapter mount.

Keep in mind that with a light attached, your holsters become useless. Identify a holster that will accommodate the modification, and take some time looking over the fit charts provided by various companies selling such products. Purchase it first.

The light is extremely powerful, and simple to operate, ambidextrously. I will buy another one soon, for my other 92FS.

Reviewed by Shane Hesse (Posted on 11/3/13)

Gets the job done

While not as sturdy as a built in receiver rail, this one gets the job done. It mounts perfectly on the trigger guard of my M9A1 and holds my X300 firmly in place. It has just a little but of play in it but not so much to make me concerned about it.

Reviewed by Jake Calkins (Posted on 10/22/13)

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