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Dual Fuel LED Scout Light


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Bezel Diameter 1.125 inches
Length 5.56 inches
Weight w/Batteries 5.15 ounces
Batteries 18650
Output High White 1,500 Lumens*
Runtime High White 1.5 Hours**


M600DF-BK 084871326872
M600DF-TN 084871327145
1,500 Lumens

The M600DF Ultra Scout Light is a lightweight, compact WeaponLight featuring an ultra-high-output LED that delivers 1,200 lumens of blinding white light with 123A batteries and 1,500 lumens of light with the SF18650B MICRO-USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery. A proprietary Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens shapes the recoil-proof LED’s light into a beam with plenty of reach but enough surround light to accommodate peripheral vision, making the M600DF ideal for medium to longer-range applications. The rugged M600DF attaches quickly and securely to any MIL-STD-1913 rail via its integral thumbscrew clamp. A slight press of the Z68 tailcap switch will activate the momentary-on, while fully depressing the tailcap until it clicks will activate constant-on. Constructed of lightweight aerospace aluminum, with a Mil-Spec Hard Anodized finish, and O-ring sealed to keep out the elements, the tough M600DF will endure combat-like conditions without any sacrifice in weapon maneuverability.

  • Virtually indestructible ultra-high-output LED generates 1,200 lumens of blinding light with 123A batteries and 1,500 lumens with included SF18650B MICRO-USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • TIR lens shapes versatile beam with enough reach and surround light for close-to longer-range operations
  • Mil-Spec Hard Anodized aluminum body, tempered window & O-ring seals make light rugged, durable, and combat ready
  • Activation via Z68 momentary/constant-on pushbutton switching with protective shroud
  • M75 thumbscrew mount attaches quickly & securely to MILSTD-1913 rails
  • Dual fuel light powered by either two 123A lithium batteries with a 10-year shelf life and an SF18650B lithium-ion rechargeable battery

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Scout comparison

I have 3 Surefire Scout Weapon lights. #1 is about a decade old that started out at about 60 lumen, was upgraded twice and now has a 200 lumen KX2C head. #2 is a few year old Scout Fury with a 500 lumen KE2-A head. #3 is the just released 1,500 lumen KE2-DF Duel Fuel. I do nuisance wildlife management and the 200 lumen is fine for crossbow or subsonic .22lr use at close range. The 500 lumen is good for medium range slug gun use or centerfire rifle, but just doesn’t have enough juice to reach out far enough with rifle use. I have to go to an Olight M3X 1,200 lumen for long range rifle use. When the 1,500 lumen Scout was announced I jumped on it expecting to ditch the large Olight and have a small, bulletproof Surefire. Unfortunately, the Duel Fuel has a lot of “spill” or flood light but reaches out no father than my existing 500 lumen Scout. It lights up a somewhat bigger area if that’s what you need, but don’t expect it to give you much longer range than your 500/600 lumen Scout does. Lights up a bigger area, and uses the 18650 battery are the advantages I've seen.

Reviewed by Butch (Posted on 6/24/18)

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