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Heavy Gun  WeaponLights

HellFighter® WeaponLights, with light output up to 4,500 lumens, extreme beam reach, signifcant peripheral illumination for situational awareness, IR capability, and extensive mounting and power supply options, are the ultimate in heavy weapon illuminators, spotlights, and searchlights. Available mounts permit attachment to mini-guns, several types of medium to heavy machine guns, or to virtually any vehicle or vessel for use as a searchlight. Available portable battery carriers also make HellFighters the ultimate in a handheld searchlight/spotlight.

Heavy Gun  WeaponLights

  • HellFighter® 4
    HellFighter® 4  Crew-Served Gun / Heavy Gun WeaponLight, Searchlight, IR Illuminator
    3000.0 lumens Max Output
    1000.0 lumens Low Output
    4.10 inches Bezel Dia.
    11.0 inches Length
    $6,299.00 - $6,460.00
  • HellFighter 5 Searchlight / Spotlight / WeaponLight -- front view
    HellFighter® 5  Searchlight and Crew-Served / Heavy Gun WeaponLight
    4500 lumens Max Output
    4.5 inches Bezel Dia.
    8.1 inches Length
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