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  • MasterFire WeaponLights
    The MasterFire Holster indexes off this new line of H series weaponlights, allowing most any handgun, suppressor, and RDS compatibility. These dedicated weaponlights allow for auto-activation of the light and/or laser upon draw of the handgun from the MasterFire holster. See Now
  • Handgun WeaponLights
    Designed for peak performance in the harshest environments, SureFire Handgun Weapon Lights are compact, recoil-proof due to their virtually indestructible LED emitter, attach securely to your integral pistol rail (adapters available for rail-less pistols), and produce a brilliant white beam. See Now
  • Rifle and Submachine Gun WeaponLights
    SureFire offers several types of WeaponLights to meet your particular mission requirements and personal preferences. Most models attach via MIL-STD-1913 (Picatinny) rails. All are compact, rugged, reliable, and feature powerful pre-focused beams. See Now
  • Shotgun Forend WeaponLights
    SureFire's shotgun forend WeaponLights replace your factory unit with a tough polymer forend featuring seamlessly integrated switching for easy, instant control over their blindingly bright beams. See Now
  • Heavy Gun WeaponLights
    The HellFighter®, with its 3,000-lumen output and extensive mounting and power cable accessories, is the ultimate target illuminator for direct attachment to your medium-to-heavy automatic weapon or associated vehicle/vessel. See Now