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Lamp Assembly

MN03 Lamp Assembly

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MN03 084871870641

Do not use rechargeable LFP 123A batteries with the MN03 lamp assembly or with other incandescent illumination tools. See Restrictions below.

The MN03 lamp assembly fits in the two-battery Executive series flashlights and produces 60 lumens of light for 1.25 hours.

[NSN: 6240-01-522-6615]


    Rechargeable LFP 123A batteries are only to be used to power LED illumination products (built to use 123A lithium batteries) and NOT those featuring incandescent lamps. The initial elevated voltage of these rechargeable batteries, immediately after charging, may cause the filament contained within an incandescent lamp to break or “burn out."

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Medical worker

This lamp is a little piece of the sun! It's used in the Executive Series of the Surefire products, which, size to output ratio are probably the best product they offer. A small, easy to carry flashlight that fits easy in your pocket, tackle box, first aid kit, glove box, or anywhere. Use the clip to attach it to your ball cap for the best and brightest headlamp on the earth. I lost my first one and only went a day and a half before I decided I couldn't function at my job as well without getting a second. This lamp/light is a must have!

Reviewed by Tom Hoffman (Posted on 10/12/13)


Best little flashlight I have ever owned. Amazing how it lights up the night.

Reviewed by Rowdy (Posted on 10/12/13)


Good quality but much too pricey. $20 for a bulb just doesn't seem reasonable. I may have to consider a competive light that may not be quite as good but is less expensive to maintain.

Reviewed by Guy (Posted on 10/12/13)

Wrong propduct

This was not the lamp I needed but I was sent the correct one. Thank you

Reviewed by Richard Mills (Posted on 10/11/13)

Rich K

Just replaced original bulb, my surfire is 10 years old and used frequently. I don't leave home with out it.

Reviewed by Rich K (Posted on 10/11/13)

Best light by a mile!

The MN03 lamp assembly is mated with the since discontinued E2e flashlight. I've had mine 5 years now and it's the best flashlight I've EVER owned. When I illuminate the inside of a machine system I may be working on, the entire field is laminated and everyone comments on what a nice, tight, and smooth light output my flashlight has. I'm guessing soon I'll get one of their led versions as they are more energy efficient. Either way, they are built like a brick outhouse, and EASILY outshine every other light out there! My E2e would literally blind you if you looked at it when illuminated!

Reviewed by Danno (Posted on 10/11/13)


This is a superior product (as used in and designed / fitted for SurefireE2D Executive Defender), giving a brighter, sharper light than ANY comparable size bulb/flashlight on the market today. Superior performance suffers only one coexisting challenge in that total longevity between bulbs is between only 4-6 hours. Despite this one point (which is actually explains the strength of the light), this has been my choice above all others since 2004.

Reviewed by KENT WYLAND (Posted on 10/11/13)