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Blue Filter for 1.125" Diameter Bezels

F06 blue filter for 1.125" flashlight bezel

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F06-A 084871320108
The F06-A is a blue filter for flashlights and WeaponLights with a 1.125" bezel diameter. Produces a smooth beam of blue light. Hunters use the blue filter to track wounded game at night because blood stands out more distinctly against foliage when viewed under blue light. The filter is also useful for close range, non-tactical applications - such as map reading -- as it reduces the intensity of light output.

Fits: All flashlights and WeaponLights with a 1.125" bezel
  • Fits 1.125" diameter bezels
  • Provides secondary protection to flashlight window
  • Slips over bezel; friction fit
  • Helps preserve night-adapted vision

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Almost Perfect

This blue filter is nicely designed (as are the red and diffuser filters). The colored lenses produce a good light for the intended purposes (map reading etc). However the edge of the beam still casts a hard shadow which could catch the attention of an onlooker as the light is moved. But hold the diffuser in front of a colored lens and that hard edge goes away, making movement of the light far less noticible to anyone else nearby.

It would be awesome to have the rubber mounts designed so that each colored lens could be stacked with a diffuser in a modular way, so that diffused and non-diffused configurations could be easily acheived.

Reviewed by Ken (Posted on 3/30/16)

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