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Red Filter for 1.125" Diameter Bezels

F05-A red filter for 1.125" flashlight bezel

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F05-A 084871320092
The F05-A is a red filter for flashlights and WeaponLights with a 1.125" bezel diameter. Produces a smooth beam of red light that will not degrade night vision as white light would. Hunters use the red filter to avoid spooking game during pre-dawn hours - deer see poorly in the red color spectrum. The filter is also useful for close range, non-tactical applications - such as map reading -- as it reduces the intensity of light output.

Fits: All flashlights and WeaponLights with a 1.125" bezel
  • Fits 1.125" diameter bezels
  • Provides secondary protection to flashlight window
  • Slips over bezel; friction fit
  • Helps preserve night-adapted vision

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Good diffuser. Light is still bright and focused.

Reviewed by jazzsaw (Posted on 1/20/15)

Surefire...alway's the best

I have many Surefire flashlights like most of you. I have owned them since my first 6P purchased many years ago. They continue to deliver exactly what I am looking for. Most recently I purchased the new AA Outdoorsman. Wow!, what a perfect light. The low setting is exactly right for close at hand tasks, and I have used it as a nightlight with it's long run time. The 115 lumen bright setting is all one needs for regular flashlight use. I recently picked up the new red filter F05-A and was amazed at the quality. I have used cheap plastic red filters before, but this filter is optically different. Very well made and sure to please even the toughest critic. Well worth the price, and perfect results at night.

Reviewed by Rich (Posted on 11/30/13)

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