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EP7 Sonic Defenders® Ultra

Filtered Foam-Tipped Earplugs

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Noise Reduction Rating 28dB (with filter caps inserted)
Color Black, Clear, Orange
Size S, M, L
Filter Yes
Stem Comply Canal™ Tips
Radio Comm Compatible Yes
Included Lanyards Detachable
Features Incl. extra pr. Comply Canal Tips


EP7-BK-SPR 084871319416
EP7-BK-MPR 084871319423
EP7-BK-LPR 084871319430
EP7-BK-SPR-BULK 084871319508
EP7-BK-MPR-BULK 084871319515
EP7-BK-LPR-BULK 084871319522
EP7-MPR 084871319393
EP7-MPR-BULK 084871319485

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EP7 Sonic Defenders Ultra protect your hearing without interfering with your ability to hear routine sounds or conversations. Their foam-tipped stem design, featuring soft memory-foam Comply Canal Tips, fits most people and provides a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 28dB. Sounds, at safe levels, are allowed to pass through into the ear canal, while potentially harmful noises (above 85dB) are reduced via a proprietary design that incorporates a special noise-reducing filter. EP7s include attached filter caps, which can be inserted for additional protection and blocking out lower-level noise, like that heard on a plane, in situations where hearing ambient sounds or conversations isn't critical. Right/left color-coded Sonic Defenders Ultra are made from a soft but durable, hypoallergenic polymer that provides all-day comfort and an extended product life (up to 6+ months, depending on usage and care). Their patented EarLock® retention rings lock the earplugs in place, while soft foam-tipped stems provide secure seals in the ear canals. And their low-profile design means they can be worn while wearing a helmet or mask, or while using a phone or headset. Available in clear, black, or orange.

Comfortable EP7 Sonic Defenders Ultra also serve as earpieces for compatible radio communication systems* simply by removing the noise-reducing filter and attaching the earpiece to the system. NOTE: EP7 earpiece will not provide hearing protection if the noise-reducing filter is removed.

EP7s are available in small (S), medium (M), and large (L). Proper size is based on the dimensions of your ear's concha bowl. Size "medium" fits most people; however, to ensure the best possible fit, review the earpiece sizing chart by clicking on the Sizing Chart image. EP7 Sonic Defenders Ultra are sold as a single left/right set or in a box containing 25 sets. Each set is packaged in a convenient carry case and includes a polymer lanyard and an extra set of memory foam Comply Canal Tips; replacements available--see Parts and Accessories on this page.

* RADIO COMM SYSTEM COMPATIBILITY: Thales: Covert Security Harness; Harris: Security Force Communication Set; Motorola: Surveillance Kits; Tactical Command Industries: Tactical Earpiece Products; Peltor: Lightweight Systems-Hearplug; Silynx: C4Ops Headset
  • 28dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) with filter caps inserted
  • Lowers potentially dangerous noise levels above 85dB
  • Hear safe sound levels (with filter caps out) as if you weren't wearing ear plugs
  • Patented EarLock® retention rings utilize seven contact points to lock earpieces in place and fit the same way every time
  • Soft memory-foam Canal Comply Tips provide secure seals in ear canals and all-day comfort
  • Made from hypoallergenic, medical-grade polymer that's soft, comfortable, and durable
  • Low-profile design allows you to keep them in place while wearing a mask, helmet, hat, or while using phone, headphones, or supplemental hearing muffs
  • Serve as earpieces for compatible* radio communication systems
  • Available in clear, black, or orange
  • 26" polymer lanyard included
  • Additional pair of Comply Canal tips included

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The Iron Curtain of ear protection.

These things are great. I used to wear the foam style that you twist up and stick in your ear. So annoying. These are comfortable, I forget I even have them in. I use them for shooting and also for my radio when playing airsoft. They work flawlessly in both situations. They let in just enough noise to still allow you to hear people talking to you. Now I have two pairs, one just in case my others get lost.

Reviewed by Robert Panzer (Posted on 10/16/13)

EP7 Sonic Defenders

While the fit is comfortable and they do work as expected with the plug in the end, I was disappointed to find that when I would take the plug out to allow voice-level sounds to come through, they didn't work as expected & were the same with or without the plug installed.

I still like the design & use them for recreational shooting - they're not bulky like other headphone-style hearing protection (the electronic kind that cut out at about 80dB but have microphones to allow "normal" hearing at lower decibels) that I've tried. May have to do some more experimenting to see if I can get them to work as advertised...

Reviewed by SlimJ (Posted on 10/15/13)


works as described. They become uncomfortable because of the pointed ear tip, so I cut it off. Much better now.

Reviewed by Steve (Posted on 10/14/13)

Best hearing protection

Ultimately the best hearing protection on the market. I am a hunting and shooting enthusiast who had been looking for a comfortable and reliable pair of ear buds. My search has ended! They are easy to install, comfortable and definitely cancel out the noise made from gun fire. Would recommend them to anyone looking to protect their hearing.

Reviewed by Ben Bice (Posted on 10/14/13)

Ensign, USNR

These are great at the range. So much better than the full head Peltors I used to wear to get voice minus shots, especially in Florida where heat and sweat are a given. Buy a pair!

Reviewed by Mike (Posted on 10/14/13)

EP7 Sonic Defenders

These are hard to rate because I have a small ear canal - and these do not fit into my ears. I have used other Surefire plugs and have liked them but these do not work for me. I'm sure they would be great for normal size ears!

Reviewed by Gayle1911 (Posted on 10/14/13)

ep7 ultra

to be honest , I'm a little disappointed (especially for the cost )
It seems like I can get just as much noise reduction from those
foam plugs that you roll between your fingers and insert. for
fifty bucks, I could have bought a whole lot of those !!!

Reviewed by ken (Posted on 10/13/13)

Great Hearing Protection

These have to be the best hearing protection I've ever used! They are comfortable, I can converse with my shooting buddy, and can get a great cheek weld on my rifles. I'm glad I ordered two pairs and will be ordering them again when these wear out. They are a great value for the price! Thank you, Robert

Reviewed by Robert Price (Posted on 10/13/13)

Bad product

The foam ear piece started to come apart after the first use. After my phone call to SureFire I was told I would recieve new ear pieces that never came. Bad product, bad customer service.

Reviewed by Gary Powell (Posted on 10/13/13)

EP7 Sonic Defenders Part of Good Lineup

EP7 Sonic Defenders is another great product in a winning line-up of comfortable, light-weight and efficient hearing protection. These are my go-to devices for extended protection during matches, particularly in the hot summer months. Did I say they were comfortable? The soft foam inserts make these the best of a very good line-up.

Reviewed by S. Watson (Posted on 10/13/13)