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Flashlight Combat Rings

CR-KIT01 flashlight combat rings

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CR-KIT01 084871311151
SureFire Combat Rings solve two major problems tactical professionals have long faced when pairing a tailcap-activated flashlight with a handgun: (1) they minimize flashlight deployment time by providing an easy-to-grab non-slip hold and (2) they allow a shooter to securely hold and activate a flashlight without compromising sound shooting fundamentals. Combat rings slide over any one inch diameter tailcap, enabling a shooter to activate the flashlight with his or her knuckle, using the Graham Method. Combat Rings are also unobtrusive and don't interfere with a shooter's ability to reload or perform other basic shooting maneuvers. They are sold in sets of three. Each Combat Ring kit includes a Combat Ring, a Combat Hook, and a Combat Loop allowing a shooter to choose the ring that best meets his or her needs. Made from a durable polymer core and a neoprene overmold, patent-pending Combat Rings effectively allow the pairing a handgun with a flashlight in low-light situations.

Fits: Flashlights with a 1.0" diameter tailcap
  • Sold in one set that include all three versions
  • Durable polymer core, non-slip neoprene grip surface
  • Graham Method instructions included (Click on small image at left to view method)

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Great idea

I just purchased a set of these grips for my Fenix PD-35 flashlights. They installed in seconds and work great. I just took a firearms class where there was a reduced lighting component and they worked great. I was able to practice the various grips including FBI, Graham, Rogers and Harries. I really like the flexibility offered by the 3 different styles of ring.

I will definitely be ordering more kits in the future.

Reviewed by Bryan Miller (Posted on 10/12/14)

Very interesting

It took a little time and experimenting to figure the best for general use but it is a good idea to use.

Reviewed by Dave Glaza (Posted on 7/4/14)

Combat grips

I bought a set of these thinking the loop would be the most useful; the other two, not so much. I took them all to a week-long low-light training course and found that using the loop was MUCH harder than I wanted it to be when using the light in conjunction with a pistol and weapon-mounted light. Dropping the handheld light to use the weapon mounted light, then reacquiring that loop after shooting was a major hassle and took way too much time. I removed the loop and used the ring for the rest of the class without issue. I guess a pack of the three different rings is OK if you want to figure out which suits you, but Surefire would do everyone a favor if they marketed them in paks of 3 where all the rings are alike; the combat loop, hook, or ring. I had to order this pak just to get one more ring. But the ring is great!

Reviewed by Mike (Posted on 6/12/14)

Flash light Combat Grips

I have three Surefire P3X Furries. The 1,000 lumens is great. The downside is there is know grip to use for any flashlight techniques. The Combat rings fix that. They work great. Great job Surefire!

Reviewed by John E Swistak (Posted on 2/26/14)

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