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Suppressor Blank Safety Device for M4 Carbine


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Caliber 5.56 mm (.223 caliber)
Length 6.2 inches
Weight 17.0 oz.
Diameter 1.5 inches


SF-BSD-556-M4 084871326216

The SureFire Blank Safety Device mimics the length, weight, and attachment system of a SOCOM556-RC suppressor for training with blanks on the M4 Carbine. A rotating wheel within the BSD moves an internal spud that seals against the muzzle of the weapon system for proper functioning with blanks. Additionally this product is designed to safely capture up to three live rounds in case live ammunition is mistakenly introduced within the training environment.

*BSD will be rendered inoperable if a live round is mistakenly fired.

  • Patented Fast-Attach® design attaches and removes in seconds
  • Designed specifically for the M4/ M4A1 weapon system with M200 blanks
  • Attaches to SureFire FH556RC, SF3P-556 and WARCOMP 556
  • Same size and weight of the SureFire SOCOM556-RC Suppressor
  • When attached, this product allows the user to develop weapon handling skills and muscle memory that duplicate the real suppressor
  • Constructed of stainless steel, steel and aluminum
  • Long service life
  • Made in the USA


    ITAR Notice
    Export of the commodities described herein is strictly prohibited without a valid export license issued by the U.S. Department of State, Office of Defense Trade Controls, prescribed in the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR), Title 22, Code of Federal Regulations, Parts 120-130.

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