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Are disposable 123A lithium batteries rechargeable?

No! Do not try to recharge them, as this can be dangerous.

Must I use SureFire batteries in my flashlight?

You can use Panasonic®, Duracell® and Energizer® batteries bought from their authorized dealers since these batteries are suited for use in SureFire products.

Will using non-SureFire brand batteries void my SureFire warranty?

Using genuine Panasonic®, Duracell® or Energizer® batteries will not void your warranty, but using any other non-SureFire brand will void it.

Aren't all disposable 123A batteries the same?

No! Many counterfeit or inferior lithium batteries don't have the power output characteristics or built-in fault (short-circuit) protection that SureFire batteries have. This can cause poor performance or even be dangerous to you and your SureFire illumination tools.

Customers should never:
  • Use non-U.S.A. made batteries
  • Mix old and new batteries
  • Mix different brands of batteries
  • Purchase and use disposable 123A batteries marked "PRC" or "Made in China"
How can I be sure a SureFire battery is not counterfeit?

Buy your SureFire® brand batteries from (priced as low as $1.88 each when bought in bulk), or from an authorized SureFire dealer.


What do the colors of the battery charger indicator light mean?

The light is red when the battery (or batteries) is taking a charge. It turns green when the charging process is complete.

How does the power output of the rechargeable LFP 123A batteries compare with disposable 123A batteries?

The discharge power is very similar, which means that your illumination tool will have similar lumen output. However, rechargeable batteries will be depleted in about half the time of the disposable batteries.

What is the shelf life of the rechargeable LFP 123A batteries?

Several years when stored away from high temperature conditions, but they should be recharged after 2 years of sitting idle.

Can these rechargeable LFP 123A batteries be used in SureFire’s new rechargeable flashlights?

Yes. They must be inserted into an included battery magazine, which is then inserted into the flashlight.

If I have either the rechargeable LFP 123A batteries or disposable 123A batteries loaded in the battery magazine inside a rechargeable flashlight and I then plug the charger into the flashlight, will it cause a problem?

No. The battery magazine is designed so that it does not allow an electrical connection with the charger when the latter is plugged into the flashlight.

Can I put a charged LFP 123A battery and a depleted LFP 123A battery together into an illumination tool?

Avoid doing this. There is no safety hazard, but it is possible that the charged cell could damage the discharged cell. We recommend fully charging all cells before placing them into an illumination tool.

Can I put an old rechargeable LFP 123A battery and a new rechargeable LFP 123A battery in the same flashlight?

Yes. However, the runtime of your illumination tool may be reduced.

Can rechargeable LFP 123A batteries be used in incandescent illumination tools?

We do not recommend it because the slightly higher initial voltage of charged LFP 123A batteries may burn out lamp filaments. Use our rechargeable batteries only with LED illumination tools that also use disposable 123A batteries.

Where are these rechargeable LFP 123A batteries manufactured?

They are made to our specifications in China.