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Ultra-High Single-Output HID Searchlight/Spotlight Head

ARC2 Flashlight / Searchlight head

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Bezel Diameter4.50inches


ARC2 084871324044
  GSA pricing available upon request.

The SureFire ARC2 is the head assembly of the SureFire ARC2-8C handheld spotlight/searchlight. When attached to a power supply, its ultra-high-output HID (high-intensity discharge) lamp and deep, mirror-finish reflector creates a 4,500-lumen,730,000 candela beam with a maximum effective reach in excess of 1,600 meters, yet provides a wide cone of peripheral light for situational awareness and enhanced patrol or search efficacy, making it perfect for military, law enforcement, border patrol, search-and-rescue, maritime, and other spotlight/searchlight applications. The filament-free HID lamp, virtually immune to failure from recoil, vibration, or impact, will last for thousands of hours.

The ARC2 is activated via an integral rear-located momentary/constant-on pushbutton switch.

The ARC2 can be powered in three different ways:

  • An optional vehicle accessory outlet, (“cigarette lighter” sockets) supplying from 11 to 32 VDC. The included cable plugs into the accessory socket on one end and the ARC2 at the other end.
  • An optional AC-to-DC plug-in power supply/battery charger with integral cable. If the ARC2 is attached to an ARC2-BATT-8C battery handle (see next item, below), the charging unit simultaneously powers the ARC2 and recharges the battery handle. Works with international power systems.

  • An optional SureFire ARC2-BATT-8C lithium-ion rechargeable battery handle that can power the ARC2 for 80 minutes; an optional 120-minute version is available that adds only 3 more inches to the overall length. A 90% discharged ARC2-BATT-8C battery handle can typically be brought up to 80% capacity in about 90 minutes. An LED indicator lets you instantly see the battery charge level. Due to advanced lithium-ion technology, the ARC2’s light output remains constant until the battery is discharged; there is no gradual output decrease as battery charge decreases.

  • The ARC2 accepts the same optional removable screw-in colored filters or optional semi-permanent swing-open colored filters that fit the SureFire HellFighter 5. The ARC2 can also attached to any watercraft or vehicle via an optional Universal Vehicle Mount.

    Built to withstand combat conditions, the ARC2 has a sealed body constructed from high-strength aerospace aluminum finished in Mil-Spec Type III hard anodizing, and it is waterproof to 1 meter depth when attached to the ARC2-BATT-8C head assembly . The lamp assembly is protected by a 3mm coated tempered glass window, and the window itself can be protected from dust, mud, and heavy particle impact by optional removable screw-on colored filters, or optional semi-permanent swing-open colored filters. All ARC2 power cables now feature a high-strength polymer sheathing that makes them thin, light, flexible, yet extremely durable. Reflector, lamp, and rechargeable battery unit are field-replaceable. A tough polymer carrying case is available as an option.

    For a more compact handheld spotlight/searchlight with many similar features, see our SureFire ARC 3.
    • 4,500-lumen HID lamp virtually immune to failure from impact, recoil, or vibration
    • Maximum effective beam reach in excess of 1,600 meters
    • Reflector provides extreme reach and significant peripheral illumination
    • Available rechargeable battery handle provides 80 minutes of runtime; 120-minute version available
    • Can be instantly re-activated when hot
    • Screw-on or swing-open filters available
    • Integral momentary/constant-on pushbutton switch
    • Constructed from high-strength aerospace aluminum with Mil-Spec anodizing; coated, tempered window
    • Field-replaceable lamp/reflector and battery
    • O-ring and gasket sealed, waterproof to 1 meter when attached to ARC2-BATT-8C head assembly

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