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Lanyard for Flashlights With .75" Tailcap

Z50 flashlight lanyard

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Z50 Lanyard

Its my pleasure to write a review for Surefire. I have been in shooting since the middle 80's. And am familiar with many products. I realized that part of defense and home defense is not only a "handgun" which is a last resort weapon but the first line of defense other than a dog, is the high Lumen flashlight. I have a HID (High Definition Flashlight that puts out 1000 Lumens and a variety of combat lights from Surefire. I like Surefire's quality as I have tried their competitiors. Sure it is expensive but it is expensive for a reason. You are paying for quality and it works at times of crises. The Z50 is part of the defense category as I want all my lights to have a Z50 Lanyard attached in that in times of trouble most "motor skills" deteriorate and I want to make sure that light at 3AM stays firmly on my wrist/hands. So when it comes to cost, I then look at "quality", and if the "quality" is proven I purchase it without a second thought…because I love my family! And if you ask "how much it costs" - you can't afford it anyways, save your money like I do then buy the quality when you have saved enough! I also purchased the X400 which is outstanding! Surefore - I have no complaints on any of your products. Thank you for protecting my Family :-)

Reviewed by Keith M Rudder (Posted on 11/5/13)


Really? $22 for a piece of 550 and a couple of cordlocks? You've got to be kidding.

Reviewed by Komuso (Posted on 8/22/13)

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Z50 084871890502
The Z50 flashlight lanyard includes a steel split ring that attaches the lanyard to the eye of your flashlight's pocket clip. The lanyard itself is made from gray 550 parachute-cord and equipped with two cord locks and a cord fastener.

Fits: SureFire flashlights with 0.8" diameter tailcaps
  • Adjustable length
  • Attaches to pocket clip eye
  • Gray cord, black polymer fittings

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