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Lanyard for Flashlights with 1" Diam. Tailcap

Z33 flashlight lanyard

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Makes your light so much more useful!!

These Lanyards really free up your hands when working with your light. Also prevents "loss" if you drop the light or get bumped. I would highly recommend having one of these attached to each of your Sure Fire Lights. Its a very nice and useful addition to the utility of this fine product.

Reviewed by Ralph A (Posted on 3/24/15)

Z33 Flashlight Lanyard

Still a great item, and a convenient complement for the capabilities of your Surefire Flashlight. I now own four of them, each with its own Z33 Lanyard. The cord helps you to locate the light in a cluttered backpack or duffel bag, and to quickly bring the light to your fingertips in a moment of need.

Reviewed by JEC (Posted on 1/24/15)

Great Lanyard

I would just echo most of the other reviews of this product. It is the typical Surefire reliable quality I have come to expect. This lanyard is black, whereas the one for my Nitrolon tactlight is gray/green and the fastening mechanism is somewhat different. But they are both great quality and perform as expected.

Reviewed by Dale Fuller (Posted on 1/1/15)

Z33 flashlight lanyard

Great item, and a convenient complement for the capabilities of your Surefire Flashlight. The cord helps you to locate the light in a cluttered backpack or duffle bag, and to quickly bring the light to your fingertips in a moment of need.

Reviewed by JEC (Posted on 12/26/14)

Engineering Recommended

I travel a great deal; often to dark, wet and desolate places. I carry a small flashlight. It's a nice one; a brand we all know. I've been through three of them in a few years and they all eventually failed, always at the worst times.

My engineering student son bought a Surefire and a Z33 lanyard. It is great. So I bought one too. Bye bye other guys. I've found a flashlight that I can pull out, hang around my neck, and it will work every time for a long long time.

Reviewed by Tom Swan (Posted on 9/12/14)

Like a Long Necklace with a Bright Pendant

How long is the cord on the Z33 lanyard?
If I took the cord locks off the cord, probably about 35" laid open from end to end.

Can I comfortably and easily wear my happy, favorite, yellow G2X Pro around my neck?
Yes, like a long, bright necklace.

Can I also use it around my wrist?
Yes, the cord locks are easily adjusted.

In short, I like it. It's well made and the lanyard makes it easier to use the flashlight.
If you want details (with approximate measurements), you can continue reading below:

Maybe it's because I got the Z33 lanyard and my G2X Pro (15/320 lumens) at a nearby store, but mine is black (not gray). Anyway, black looks better with my yellow flashlight so it's a plus.

Laid open from end to end, the cord is about 35" long.
Folded in half, the cord is 17.5" but I need to leave space for the 2 cord locks so they're not pushed all the way to the very ends.

So if I wear it like a long necklace, it'll hang about 15" down from my neck (like a deep v-neck sweater).
Right now, with the 2 cord locks spaced 14.5" apart, it's easy to put on and take off.
Of course you can adjust the cord locks however you wish. This is just an example of how I've set it up at this moment.

I can also slide the adjustable cord lock about halfway in so that it fits my wrist.

Everything feels sturdy and well-made.
The 1" ring was easy to add between the body of the flashlight and the tail cap.
The lanyard cord is thick, soft, and comfy.
The 2 cord locks slide smoothly and easily along the length of the lanyard and lock well/feel secure.

Note: There's a small keyring which attaches the lanyard to the cord fastener (which then attaches to the 1" ring I added to the flashlight).

Sliding the thick cord fastener onto the thin, tiny keyring was not easy for me and the person who was helping me at the store. Putting keys (or anything else) on a keyring is hard enough, but a tiny keyring--arrrg. Luckily, we finally figured out a way to do it: teamwork.
If you use a key, staple remover, tweezers, flat screwdriver, pliers, etc to wedge and hold open the keyring, have a second person slide the fastener onto the keyring. It's much easier this way. So glad we did it. Hope this review helps.

Reviewed by Bright Eyes (Posted on 2/28/14)


Purchased this lanyard for my 6PX Pro. It's a good product and will fit over your wrist to prevent loss.

Reviewed by cw3pa (Posted on 12/28/13)

Short Lanyard

I have lanyards that came with my other Surefire Flashlights and expected the same from this accessory purchase. My other lanyards are nice and long and can easily adjust to fit over your head. This lanyard is much shorter and with careful adjustment will fit over your head but maxes out. It's like pulling on a shirt with a narrow fit that catches your nose and ears while going on or off your head. This lanyard is more geared for arm or risk use than around you neck. I like my other lanyards because it is nice to have your flashlight easily accessible and usable when hanging around your next. Unfortunately, this one is too short. The length of my other lanyards are 28 ½"; this one is 17 ½" in the looped configuration.

Reviewed by TB (Posted on 12/19/13)

Z33 lanyard works well.

I bought it for my P2X Fury light. It seems to be a quality product and I have no reservations regarding its purchase.

I would recommend this lanyard and would purchase another if needed.

Reviewed by Geoff Broadhurst (Posted on 10/16/13)

Lanyard for Surefire flashlight

I love this little lanyard. I keep a surefire flashlight in every room of my house. The are without rival in flashlights. The lanyard is easy to attach but would be hard to accidentally get off.

Reviewed by Little Pecan (Posted on 10/16/13)


The Z33 flashlight lanyard comes with a steel ring that connects it to the flashlight. The lanyard itself is made from gray 550 parachute-cord and equipped with two cord locks and a cord fastener. The welded steel lanyard ring mounts between the flashlight body and tailcap.

[NSN: 4020-01-532-3836]

Fits: SureFire flashlights with 1" diameter tailcaps
  • Adjustable length
  • Gray cord, black polymer fittings

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