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X300® Ultra

LED Handgun or Long Gun WeaponLight

X300 Ultra WeaponLight

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X300 Ultra

Recently received and the quality is typical SureFire, outstanding. Will use on a 1911 with Dawson rail. Intensity is very strong and anticipate many years of service on a duty rig. Could not be happier with this set up.

Reviewed by D. Barnette (Posted on 7/14/14)

X300 Ultra review

Product functions great. I tested the light on my friend on a whim of silliness and he did the same to me after. The light is disorienting and ruins any night vision. I can say first-hand that my ability to return accurate fire would be greatly diminished. The light is so bright however, that it made me squint a bit while using it at close quarters in the dark room. The brightness will not stop me from using it on my pistol or rifle though. Overall very satisfies

Reviewed by Brian Ripley (Posted on 6/18/14)

X300 Ultra Firearm Light

Impressed thus far !!!
Very difficult to remove, be it one of my Glocks, or one of my Sigs, but I assume it will become easier with time and usage.
Very pleased with my purchase, and I have been a Surefire customer for decades.

Reviewed by Shadowman_691 (Posted on 6/17/14)

X300 on Picatinny Rail - Very Bad Fit

I really want to love this light. Strong central beam with a very good surround lighting. The light output is excellent… far better pattern than the similar offering from Streamlight (the TLR-1 HL). But the TLR-1 HL is a perfect fit on a Picatinny Rail… the X300 simply does not fit, it is entirely too tight. I’ve tried just about everything to get it to fit (even returning one in exchange for another), but it does not fit any of my standard Picatinny Rails. I cannot recommend this light until the Surefire design team addresses this issue.

Reviewed by Tom Anderson (Posted on 6/9/14)

First Pistol Light I've Used

Excellent Lumens for the size. Well made, seems durable. I agree that it is a snug fit but I did not have to force it on my Sig P226 TacOps. Would not fit on rail of my P220 Combat (the green one) model. Overall, I'm pleased with it on the P226.

Reviewed by CJC74 (Posted on 4/5/14)


waaaaaaaay too tight on novak rail, should not have to force anything on a gun. second one to do this, so i've moved to streamlight. too bad.

Reviewed by rms (Posted on 3/1/14)


Bright, durable easy to operate and great Surefire quality. Took a little bit to get on a rail, "extremely" snug but it will stay on my pistol most of the time. I didn't find the lumens overpowering indoors and works very well outside. This is mounted on my night stand gun, very reliable.

Reviewed by AH6R (Posted on 2/6/14)

Super Handgun Light

This light is the best handgun light that I have owned. 500 lumens is huge on a handgun. It does a good job of providing adequate light where needed and it should be capable of disrupting vision if I ever need to do so. It is not heavy and appears to be Surefire tough. The mount is a little too snug for one of my handguns but I'm also using an adapter on that handgun to be able to mount picatinny accessories.

Reviewed by Preston (Posted on 2/4/14)


While I like the light, to mount to the full size H&K 45 USP you need the MR09 bracket and it is not worth the $120 price tag, in fact it is not worth the $3 it takes to make. If fits on lose, and the "World Class Support" at Surefire did not even respond back on the e-mail I sent. When I called in I got "did you tighten it". Really????

It appears to me that the paint job throws everything out of whack making it mount poorly. It is now costing me to Fedex it back to the RMA dept.

Reviewed by SSH (Posted on 1/7/14)

Five stars for the X300U

The light fits perfectly on my Glock 22 (Gen 4) & looks like it was custom made for that pistol. Easy to activate with the weak hand for momentary or constant on without changing strong hand position.

Beam quality is a perfect blend of intense spot plus good spill that provides excellent SA. 500 lumens isn't the brightest light in the world but it's nearly perfect for a short to medium range weapon light.

Price is high & so is build quality. You get what you pay for & more in the X300U.

Reviewed by Barry (Posted on 1/1/14)


Max Output -- White Light500.0lumens
Tactical Runtime**1.5hours
Bezel Diameter1.125inches
Weight w/Batteries4.0ounces
Batteries2123A  (included)
** Runtime (at highest setting for multiple-output
    lights) until output drops below 50 lumens.


The powerful and versatile SureFire X300 Ultra WeaponLight for handguns and long guns features a high-performance LED that generates 500 lumens of stunning white light focused by a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens to produce a tight beam with extended reach and significant surround light for peripheral vision. The virtually indestructible and highly efficient LED generates tactical-level light—more than enough to overwhelm an aggressor's dark-adapted vision—for 1.5 hours per set of batteries.

Activating the X300 Ultra is done via ambidextrous switching located at the rear of body, providing one-finger control — press the switch on either side for momentary-on activation, flip up or down for constant-on activation. Optional DG grip switches (for pistols) and a pressure activated XT07 tape switch (for long guns) permit the X300 Ultra to be activated without altering your grip on your weapon.

The X300 Ultra can be attached to a pistol or a long gun since its Rail-Lock® system permits rapid attachment to and removal from either Universal or Picatinny rails. Its high-strength aerospace aluminum body is Mil-Spec hard anodized for superior toughness and is O-ring and gasket sealed to make it weatherproof.

FITS: Handguns and long guns with Picatinny or Universal rails. Adapter mounts available for several non-railed handguns—click here to view them.
  • Virtually indestructible LED regulated to maximize output and runtime
  • Tactical-level output with TIR lens for close- to longer-range applications
  • Quick-detach rail clamp
  • Accepts optional pistol grip and long gun forend switches
  • Weatherproof—O-ring and gasket sealed
  • Construction—High-strength aerospace aluminum with Mil-Spec anodizing; impact-resistant polymer; coated tempered window
  • Includes high-energy 123A batteries with 10-year shelf life

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