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Nylon Quick-Detach Holster

V91 Nylon Quick-Detach Flashlight Holster

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still not here

Still not here. Its backordered.

Reviewed by martin zamora (Posted on 3/13/15)

V91 Review

The V91 flashlight holster works extremely well with my A2. The belt loop at the rear attaches and detaches easily, the long flap at the front affords extra protection to the flashlight, the Velcro of the belt loop and front flap works positively over repeated uses. And I like that the A2's pocket clip slides perfectly and securely over the side gusset of the holster. The V91, like the A2 it houses for me, is a thoughtfully-designed and robust piece of equipment.

Reviewed by Rudy Lopez (Posted on 1/21/15)

perfect home

Good carry protection for my G2X Pro. Easy on/off build as well.

Reviewed by SureFire Client (Posted on 9/19/14)

Holster positioning difficulties:

The holster in quality is good. Nevertheless it is not able to use horizontally. The magazine holsters has this advantage please perform some development to be able to lace the holster on the belt horizontally as well as vertically.

Reviewed by Gabor Cser (Posted on 3/7/14)

Excellent holster

My husband is a power plant operator. I bought him this holster for his "Fury" flash light from Sure Fire. Amazing holster. It takes a great beating between my husband getting in and out of the car, on and off our motorcycle, and for keeping the flash light handy when he inspects his plant. Excellent product. Would recommend to anyone that needs a holster for a Sure Fire.

Reviewed by Kristen Davis (Posted on 1/1/14)

great case

i own one of the cases for my Fury light. It is very well made and designed. It keeps the light protected and ready for use on my belt. I really like the fact that it can be placed on a belt without removing the belt from the pant loops. It can also be removed the same way but, and most important it is very secure once installed on the belt. I liked the case so much I ordered one as a gift to accompany the Fury light

Reviewed by bsmith4000 (Posted on 12/26/13)


Excellent product.

Reviewed by Anthony (Posted on 11/3/13)


I like the holsters concept, but, I would like to have had a snap closure, when crawling around in attics and under building I feel that the velcro could be pulled open and then lose my light. With this thought in mind while working I am constantly checking the holster for the light. Other wise the material and the concept of the holster is great.

Reviewed by Patrick Boehrig (Posted on 10/18/13)

V91 Well Designed

The V-91 Flashlight Holster for the Aviator A-2 Unit is incredibly well designed and thoroughly tested before being released into the public market. It appears very well constructed to military specification, and is robust while mounted into the front of the CMU-33(P22P)-18 Flight Survival Vest. The A-2 Aviator lamp is much more "Mission~Capable" unit than the issued Dog Leg flashlight. SureFire Corporation is no doubt the leader in groundbreaking technology concerning tactical lighting. It is this demanding science that is responsible for countless lives being saved, due to better; and more reliable lighting in the extreme and demanding situations we find ourselves operating in from time to time.

Reviewed by AEO: SEAN S. (Posted on 10/12/13)

good holster

This product protects and secures the flashlight well. I recommend it highly!

Reviewed by b.mcg. (Posted on 10/12/13)


Heavy-duty Cordura nylon holster featuring a Quick-detach belt loop that allows user to attach or remove holster without having to remove belt. Has an extra-long retention flap with Velcro® closure.

[NSN: 4240-01-578-9890]

Fits: 6P, 6PD, 6PDL, 6PL, 6PX, 6PXD, G2, G2-LED, G2L-FYL, G2X, G2XLE, G2Z, G2ZL, K2MS, P2X
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Accepts belts up to 3.0" wide
  • Long flap allows use with Beamfilters

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