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Nylon Fixed-Loop Holster

V20 Nylon Fixed-Loop Holster--Front

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good holster

i won a surefire g2x pro at overland journal magazine - a 4x4 adventure travel publication. so i needed a holster for it and purchased this one here. very please with the durable build of the holster. love the flashlight as well. both are expected to be long lasting.

Reviewed by DaveMo (Posted on 1/26/15)

Sure Fire Holster

This holster fits my surefire flash light perfectly. The heavy duty nylon protects it well with a large belt loop and a generous amount of Velcro to close the top securely. This light is my constant companion whether hunting, scouting, or conducting on water patrols. It is a much better solution than just floating around in the pocket of my ODUs.

Reviewed by GRGray (Posted on 1/21/15)

V20 holster

Bought this for my e1l outdoorsman . It is well made. Had to close the bottom because sometimes the clip misses the side of the holster and would almost slip out through the bottom. Now I don't have that problem. Perhaps a little snap closure would be helpful for those of us that have a smaller flashlight.

Reviewed by Allen (Posted on 10/3/14)

V20 holster

Used it for a week now with a G2X Tactical flashlight and it has been great. Very sturdy on web gear and flap stays closed.

Reviewed by J. Bruce (Posted on 7/9/14)

OK but not Great

I use the V20 holster with an L4 light. I have had to modify the bottom hole by stitching thread to prevent the light from falling through the bottom. I clip the metal side clip on the light on the edge of the holster to prevent the light from sinking down. The Velcro on my holster lasted approx. 2 years before it lost its hold. While I think the price of the holster was reasonable, I would have thought that the Velcro would have lasted longer. Surefire should either modify the bottom of the holster or offer additional holster options to prevent the light from hanging down through the hole.

Reviewed by GH (Posted on 6/26/14)

not worn out, but replacement nessesary

I bought one of these holsters about 2 months after I bought my 6P, and I wore it nearly every day for almost a year, then I rescued a 1/2 Boxer & 1/2 Doberman puppy, she is GREAT, except she found my belt one day and Mangled the holster. It's the ONLY reason I had to replace it, vertical, horizontal, even inverted this holster ROCKS.

Reviewed by Private citizen (Posted on 6/8/14)


This is a good holster. Its loop keeps it handy on my belt. the material and stitching is of good quality the material even holds up after my light was left on and burned a perfect circle thru the cover flap. The Velcro held up for years til it became fouled with built up debris. This is my second one looking forward to years more of daily use.

Reviewed by dep (Posted on 6/3/14)


Very well made, Velcro is the best I've ever seen, Very tough and wear it daily with the opening down with no issues what so ever. Great item.

Reviewed by Peter P (Posted on 3/24/14)

Good, sturdy holster

I wear one of these on my belt every day, and they hold up real good to all the abuse. It's been snagged on stuff and gone swimming in the river with me on hot summer days, among other things.

Only on my second one, and I've been carrying Surefire gear since 2008, when I gave up relying on other companies junk to be my main light source.

It can carry any of my SF lights (6P Original, LX2, P2X) but for the LX2 I have to turn it bezel down or it'll slide out the bottom and hang by the head.

Great product, just like I'd expect from Surefire.

Reviewed by Andy K (Posted on 11/6/13)


Very rugged holster for my E2D. Holds up well. Loop on the back can fit any size belt. It's also extra protection for your Surefire flashlight too. I couldn't find a holster local so I ordered this one. Glad I did.

Reviewed by Mike K. (Posted on 10/21/13)


Heavy-duty Cordura nylon holster with a closed, fixed-size belt loop. Features an extra-long retention flap with Velcro® closure.

NOTE: Not compatible with LED conversion head, TurboHead, or Z48, Z49 tailcap

Fits: 6P, 6PL, 6PX, EB1, G2, G2-LED, G2L-FYL, G2X
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Accepts belts up to 3.25" wide
  • Long flap allows use with Beamfilters

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