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I came home from a jog during the afternoon of a chilly winter day to my neighbors informing me that my dog had managed to run out of my backyard in an attempt to chase a passing mail truck. Knowing that it was supposed to snow, and with little time left before nighttime and the storm, I had to act fast. I grabbed my keys, my E2L Outdoorsman flashlight, and my SureFire knife, because when it matters most, I know that my SureFire products won’t let me down.

After unsuccessfully searching for my dog by car, I continued my search by foot through the parks and paths around my neighborhood. It was dark now, and the snow accumulated past my ankles, making it harder and harder to continue searching. The search went on for three hours after the snow had started until I finally got around to checking the forest behind a park. The wind was blowing very hard, but I knew I had to keep screaming my dog's name.

Finally, thanks to my E2L Outdoorsman, I spotted a spot of light yellow in the snow through all the stormy conditions. I ran to my dog as fast as I could, only to find he had slid down a hill due to the snowy ground and was entrapped in a thorn bush. The sleek blade of my SureFire knife was sharp and sturdy enough to slice through thick vines of the thorn bush, and the cord-cutter on the back let me cut safely near my dog. I soon had him freed, and we both headed home safely.

If not for outstanding performance of both the flashlight and utility knife, there would be one less dog in my neighborhood and a family with broken hearts. These SureFire products allowed me to find and rescue my dog as swiftly as possible, with no harm done to the dog. I can’t thank SureFire enough for helping to save my dog’s life. Keep making your reliable products and, more importantly, keep making them to save lives and help those in need. Thank you again, SureFire.

Jeff K.
Commack, NY

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I was out boar hunting during the rainy season. It had just gotten dark, when it started to rain, hard, with zero visibility. While walking back, I slipped in a mud hole and fell, dropping my rifle somewhere next to me. To my left I heard growling and movement in the bushes. I reached into my pocket for my E2L Outdoorsman, only to discover that it had fallen out. After panicking and digging around in the mud, I finally found it. I immediately lit up the area where the sound was coming from, revealing a huge wild boar (a very dangerous animal) about 20 feet from me. I quickly used my light to find my rifle, grabbed it, and squeezed off a shot just in time. Thanks to my SureFire, I was able to make it home alive.

Joseph H.
North Port, FL

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