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As a corrections officer for my state’s DOC, it is my job to ensure the inmates do not escape. One night, while on the yard patrol, I spotted some movement out of the corner of my eye, near one of the housing units. I pulled my SureFire 6PX Pro from my duty belt and pressed the tailcap to unleash its 200 lumens of maximum output. As I investigated the scene, I discovered two inmates 100 yards away trying to jump the dividing fence between the unit and inner perimeter area. I dispatched first response. Within seconds, the cavalry came running, and I kept my 6PX’s beam on the inmates so as not to lose them. My lieutenant and I pulled the two would-be escapees off the fence, and they were cuffed and placed in lockdown.

As to how they got out of the unit in the first place, it was a very cold night, and judging from their temperature and the bluish color of their skin, it appears they slipped around the corner at first shift chow movement. But all that really matters is that they did not get out—and they two of them got a longer stay with us than they originally bargained for. It’s a good thing I had my SureFire, because without it I wouldn't have been able to spot them from so far away.

Chris S.
Lodge, SC

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At about 11:30 p.m. I took the dog out the back door to do his business one last time before bed. The dog immediately jumped off the back deck, and as my eyes adjusted, I noticed some very tall legs literally 15 feet from the door—it was a cow moose and a calf right alongside her. I yelled for the dog to get back into the house, but he decided he needed to be the protector and went at the cow moose. But the moose also needed to protect her calf, so she made a charge at the dog. And the dog wasn't going to come out on the winning end of that equation.

After some excitement and a lot of yelling, the dog finally came back into the house, but he was not ready to settle down because he knew there was still an intruder on the property. So I grabbed my new 6PX Pro and headed out the backdoor. The moose, already annoyed and on high alert, headed straight in my direction as soon as I stepped outside. I clicked the tailcap twice, for the 200-lumen maximum output, and lit up the angry moose. She immediately changed direction from heading straight for me and veered around to the other side of the house. A few minutes later, the faithful dog had a look around the property to be sure all was safe, and we both headed back inside. Thanks to the 6PX Pro, we resolved a dangerous situation without lethal force to the moose or any injuries to man or his best friend.

Ryan B.
Fairbanks, AK

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I have been into flashlights for as long as I can remember. I've owned more than I can count, from disposable squeeze lights, in the early years, to many name-brand, bulky aluminum ones; spotlights too. I have been on a two-decade search for the "best" flashlight I can carry, since I have plenty at home and in my car. I eventually made my list of qualifications of my dream everyday-carry flashlight:

1. Small enough to carry
2. Not too expensive
3. A super-bright LED
4. Durable
5. Won't accidentally turn on in my pocket
6. Affordable batteries

Unfortunately, no flashlights I checked out met all of these qualifications. I'd heard of SureFire, mainly from family friends, but I always thought they were hundreds of dollars, even for the cheapest models. I also thought their lamps burned out in a matter of hours and that the 123A lithium batteries that powered them were expensive.

Well, one lucky break at the car-rental place where I work changed my mind. When we find things in cars that aren't garbage, we put them in lost-and-found and, if they aren't claimed after a couple of months, we can keep them. I found a SureFire 6P® in a car, which never got claimed, so, after a couple of months, it became mine. I bought some new batteries for it, and it worked fantastic. After that, I started visiting the SureFire website frequently, even making it a "favorite" on my phone. I read a lot about your flashlights, and what really impressed me were the "True Stories." Recently, I bought a 6PX Pro and a quick-release holster at a local store that carries SureFire, and I now know that, at 30 years old, my search for the "best" flashlight is finally over. It meets all of my qualifications. All other flashlights (except my found 6P) are nothing but cheap toys now. My 6P is next to my bed, at home, and I carry my 6PX everywhere I go, always on my belt, ready for use. I am a SureFire fan for life.

Jayson H.
Beaverton, OR

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The Yosemite Valley in summertime is a wonderful place to be. My wife and I decided to go for a walk one evening when the sun was just setting. A few minutes into our stroll, we heard the faint sound of a wounded animal coming from the bushes. I got closer and shined the high beam of my SureFire 6PX Pro in the direction of the noise to discover a baby deer entangled in some rope meant to serve as a boundary for hikers. With no help close by and no cell phone reception, I took matters into my own hands. I pulled out my SureFire Dart folding utility knife and cut the poor deer loose. It scampered into the woods, and my wife and I were both incredibly relieved to see the deer live another day. I will always be a SureFire customer. Thanks for making such great flashlights and knives.

Mr. & Mrs. Jose J.
Selma, CA

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