The Yosemite Valley in summertime is a wonderful place to be. My wife and I decided to go for a walk one evening when the sun was just setting. A few minutes into our stroll, we heard the faint sound of a wounded animal coming from the bushes. I got closer and shined the high beam of my SureFire 6PX Pro in the direction of the noise to discover a baby deer entangled in some rope meant to serve as a boundary for hikers. With no help close by and no cell phone reception, I took matters into my own hands. I pulled out my SureFire Dart folding utility knife and cut the poor deer loose. It scampered into the woods, and my wife and I were both incredibly relieved to see the deer live another day. I will always be a SureFire customer. Thanks for making such great flashlights and knives.

Mr. & Mrs. Jose J.
Selma, CA

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