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The SureFire™ Pen

SureFire Pen -- angle view

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Pen with an attitude

Great overall pen. It has a little wobble when retracted but built like a tank. Nice self-defense item to carry around.

Reviewed by Steven D (Posted on 9/22/14)

One is not enough

Excellent quality, nice finish, and is adjustable for multiple length cartridges. The heft takes a little getting used to when writing but is just what you would expect from something so substantial. One thing I would like is some sort of tactile feedback when it reaches the closed position, but it does have a white line for visual reference. Haven't tried breaking glass yet but I am willing to bet it wouldn't be a problem. I can certainly say I have the best pen in the office. So impressed I am looking in to getting another model for home use... I can see this becoming an addiction.

Reviewed by C. Moore (Posted on 7/4/14)

A Great Pen

Built like a tank, writes as smooth as silk. The glass breaker is a great feature, just because its a cool thing to have.

Reviewed by EdT (Posted on 10/26/13)

Product: Useful, Experience getting it: An Odyssey

I have had this pen for a while now, and the pen is not bad. The pen that I have seems to be a slightly different design than the product shown in the photos, but it works the same as any other Surefire pen. It is heavy, being made of billet aluminum, but it is not at all hard to write with. The ink cartridge that it comes with writes a smooth and consistent line, and works under all of the conditions I've tried it in. Working at nights, especially in the colder months, I enjoy the twist-action that actuates the tip, as it helps when I'm wearing gloves. Also, this pen is quite susceptible to temperature changes, so if you ARE using it in the cold without gloves it can be hard to use for long periods of time. That said, I got this pen because I can use multiple ink cartridges in it by adjusting the internal screw. This screw, by the way, was held in by some blue substance that I believe is Loctite. While this took some time to break free, once that happened the actual machining on the pen seems to be quite nice.

The problem that I had with the pen was the journey to getting it. It took approximately 4 months for me to receive this pen from Surefire, and I believe I only received it due to an amazing manager in the Customer Service department who took on my order personally. While the experience of getting the pen has led me to hesitate getting something else from Surefire directly, I would probably get a Surefire product from one of their vendors, as the products seem to be genuinely well made and I like to support businesses in the USA. Thank you.

Reviewed by Anthony P. (Posted on 10/13/13)

Awesome Pen

Simply the best tactical pen made! Great product at a fair price.

Reviewed by Bison63648 (Posted on 10/11/13)

Pen Ops

Writes great. Very solid. But top piece that holds shirt clip gets loose on its own. And there is no lockout to prevent the ink barrel from inadvertantly extending down and getting ink on your shirt. Need a little tighter fit on both to keep them from moving or loosening when you do not want them to. But it is my favorite desk top pen to use.

Reviewed by Grinch (Posted on 10/11/13)

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Length 6.04 inches


The SureFire™ Pen boasts a rugged aerospace-grade aluminum body with an ultra-durable Mil-Spec Type III hard anodized finish. This retractable-tip pen is appointed with a tumble-polished stainless steel tip, tailcap, and heavy-duty pocket clip. The sculpted tailcap features a rounded window breaker ready for emergency use. The SureFire Pen comes with a high-performance Schmidt® Technology easyFLOW ink cartridge, but adjusts to accept virtually any standard ink cartridge between 3.875" and 4.25" long. Smooth writing performance, elegant yet bold design, all in a spike-tough body ready for action whenever it's needed.
    • Rugged aerospace-grade aluminum body
    • Aluminum body hard anodized to military specifications
    • Virtually indestructible pocket clip with SureFire logo
    • Smooth, tough window breaker tailcap for emergency use
    • Schmidt ink cartridge flows effortlessly
    • Pen adjusts to accept most ink cartridges
    • Ink tip retracts into body; no cap to lose
    • Made in the U.S.A. with imported ink cartridge

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