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Sound Suppressors (Silencers)


SOCOM Suppressors — SureFire’s new SOCOM Series Fast-Attach® sound suppressors represent a technological breakthrough in silencer design. Following the most extensive testing and evaluation of suppressors in US Military history, our flagship SOCOM556-RC (5.56 mm) and SOCOM762-RC (7.62 mm) models received contract awards—selected first from all competitors—from the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). The same advanced technology is incorporated into every SureFire SOCOM Series suppressor: high-temperature alloy and stainless steel construction, improved gas-flow dynamics, and a patent-pending front-plate design. The result is virtual elimination of first-round flash, reduced back pressure that lowers suppressed cyclic rate and gas blowback on the operator, and unprecedented reduction of sound and dust signatures, core elements of SureFire's Total Signature Reduction™ (TSR) concept. Improvement of our exclusive Fast-Attach system provides even more solid mounting to weapons than previous models via SureFire muzzle brake or flash hider adapters, and allows easier detachment after extensive firing. All SOCOM Series suppressors feature minimal size and weight, fail-safe baffles, extreme durability that permits full-time use, and minimal, consistent shift in the unsuppressed host weapon’s point of impact, regardless of the number of attach-detach cycles.

SF Ryder Suppressors — Just like our Fast-Attach suppressors for centerfire calibers, our new Ryder™ Series suppressors for .22 caliber rimfire pistols and rifles are built to exacting standards. These ultra-lightweight screw-on suppressors are constructed of high-strength aluminum that has been hard anodized with a tough, attractive finish, and they feature SureFire’s patented pig-nose baffles that reduce muzzle blast and are easy to disassemble, clean, and reassemble. Stainless steel single-point cut threads ensure secure and easy attachment to pre-threaded barrels on a variety of pistols and rifles — no muzzle brake or flash hider adapter required.


All SureFire Fast-Attach® sound suppressors protect shooter and team members against temporary and permanent hearing loss; preserve situational awareness and crucial communication; reduce and alter sound signature, concealing a shooter's position; virtually eliminate muzzle flash, concealing a shooter's position and preserving dark-adapted vision; reduce dust raised by muzzle blast, concealing a shooter's position and keeping his view unobstructed; and reduce recoil, allowing bullet impact observation and faster follow-up shots.


Most states allow civilians to own a firearm suppressor. Your nearest SureFire suppressor dealer can assist you in determining the legal requirements. To locate a dealer, click here.

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