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Battery Charger + Two LFP 123A Batteries

SF2R-KIT01 battery charger kit

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Charger and Battery Review

I don't usually take the time to write these, although I do benifiet from others reviews all the time. Here it goes...great charger and good batteries. I also have a Tenergy cr123 charger, it works fine although It has that made in China feel/look. Its charge light stays red and then pops green when done. This K2 starts red and slowly turns orange/yellow then green as the charge progresses on the battery. Cool feature, lets you know where the battery is in the charge. Quality built housing, positive feel on the hook-ups. It doesn't say SureFire on it but sure feels like SureFire. BUY IT, you won't regret it! 5 Stars. FYI check out GoalZero for AA or AAA, they got some cool stuff too.

Reviewed by Jimbo (Posted on 10/13/13)


this was the best item I bought and they last a lot longer than regular batteries and with 2 sets of batteries I can keep both flashlights charged.

Reviewed by victor (Posted on 10/12/13)

Set (2) of the LFP 123A Lithium-Phosphate rechargeable batteries with the charger

I bought a set (2) of the LFP 123A Lithium-Phosphate rechargeable batteries with the charger (SF2R-KIT01). After charging the batteries the 1st time, I started using them with a new Surefire (G2D) Fire Rescue LED flashlight. Not knowing how long the charge would last, I checked the voltage of each battery after every use of the flashlight. I want to make sure that I did not discharge the batteries below the recommended voltage of 2.5 volts for each. When the light output suddenly dropped, I checked the voltage to find out that the battery I labeled “SF 1A” had dropped to 2.26V. The other battery, labeled “SF 1B”, had only dropped to 3.10 V. After recharging the batteries, I noticed that battery “SF 1A” did not have as high of a finished charge voltage as “SF 1B”. The batteries were put back into service, where again I watch the discharged voltage very closely during use.
The 2nd charge ended suddenly with the “SF 1A” at 1.10 V and “SF 1B” at 3.0 V.
I have come to the conclusion at the minimum, the batteries are not balanced and at the worse, battery “SF 1A” was defective.

Because of the high price I paid for the SureFire products, I expect high quality and service / warranty; hence where my dissatisfaction has arose when I called on 6-10-13.

Upon calling for the batteries replacement, I was told at I would have to UPS ship the one defective battery back to their facility, where upon receipt; SureFire would ship one battery back to me.

This is not satisfactory because:

1. SureFire should replace the pair of batteries (Batteries used in series or parallel should be from the same lot number so they are “balanced” – Charging and discharging at the same rate…That is at minimum the problem I am having). By just replacing one battery, the chances are that they are not going to be balanced and I will end up with the same / similar problem again.

2. SureFire should replace the pair of batteries before taking my defective batteries out of my use. Even though I am having problems with the batteries, they are still useable for the time being. Not having the rechargeable batteries, I will have to use the regular non-rechargeable batteries that I have in reserve for emergency back-up.

3. SureFire should pay for the return shipment of defective batteries if they want them back. I have to return ship the defective battery at my expense. It is most likely going to cost me as much to pay for return shipping as it would be just to order another new set of batteries. SureFire should send me a pre-paid return UPS label in the box with the replacement batteries. That way I will have the new batteries before returning the defective batteries, can use the same box to return the defective batteries and with the pre-paid label.

I had order these product to test and if liked I was going to order 3 more flashlights (one for each of my vehicles) with 7 more pairs of batteries (two pairs of batteries for each flashlight). I now have my doubt.

FOLLOW-UP: I received a set (2) of replacement batteries, but with getting lectured that I was wrong about using batteries in series from the same lot number. I still think that I am right, but even if not, the way SureFire's lectured me did not leave a good taste in my mouth. I have yet to test / use the replacement set of batteries, so my final review of the rechargeable batteries is still pending. After Surefire sees this preliminary review on the rechargeable batteries, I doubt that that Surefire will request another review from me again.

Reviewed by Kenneth L. (Posted on 10/12/13)

Great Charger

Got this charger after a wait for restocking and it was worth the wait. It comes with AC/DC cords for versatility. I found it to be reasonably priced, compact, easy to store and use. Put two Surefire rechargeable batteries in and about 8 hours later the ready light showed they were good to go. As I use my Surefire Backup daily, I find this unit and a few Surefire rechargeable batteries save this retired guy some money. I would gladly recommend this unit and the rechargeable batteries as a quality piece of gear.

Reviewed by Richard Koefod (Posted on 10/12/13)


The item info needs to specify that it doesnt work with the Sure Fire Flashlight Model P27X Fury Combatlight Led.


Reviewed by Dustin (Posted on 10/12/13)

Buy it

Due to the cost of disposable batteries, I highly recommend this recharging unit and some rechargeable batteries. It charges dead batteries in a couple of hours and is only $30 bucks. Use the rechargeable 123 batteries in any of Surefire's 123 compatible products. I have them in my X 300 Ultra and have keep them as back up to my R1 Lawman.

If you use your flashlight allot, then this is definitely worth it. Cause nothing frustrates like a dead flash light when you need it the most.

Reviewed by Chris (Posted on 10/12/13)

Decent looking Charger

I haven't fully tested this charger yet and its rechargeable battery that comes with it, but so far this charger looks like its well made despite its made in China. I'm curious if this charger would work with my solar power charger.I can't wait to test this little charger in the near future.

Reviewed by Benjamin Guitarte (Posted on 10/12/13)

Great so far

I bought this charger set with an extra set of batteries (item SF2R-CB). They came with one set, but I needed another for rotation. This charger is great and has never failed me. Everything from Surefire is a good quality product, and mine has been flawless for over a year so far. I will definitely buy again.

Reviewed by R. Bell (Posted on 10/12/13)


Great product.

Reviewed by Kevin (Posted on 10/12/13)

guilt free lumens

What are the advantages of rechargeable batteries? Too many to name! First off if you use the light alot (which you will if you carry it every day trust me) rechargeable batteries just cost alot less to run and you can save that stock of cr123a primarys for emergencys and power outages. With rechargeables you will run the light alot more, guilt free lumens we call em. And you can always keep them topped up if your going somewhere just throw em in the charger or car charger and your good to go. With primary cr123a batteries i wont change them until they run out because they cost so much but with rechargeables i know im always good to go. Its true you get less runtime with them vs primarys but keeping them topped up gives them the advantage on a day to day basis. For emergencys and power outages always keep a few boxes of primarys

Reviewed by Joseph (Posted on 10/12/13)



Do not use LFP 123A batteries with incandescent illumination tools. See Restrictions below.

Kit includes two LFP 123A lithium-phosphate rechargeable batteries and a combination wall (AC) and car (DC) charger with appropriate AC and DC cables. These batteries—which retain approximately 50% of their original capacity even after 500 charging cycles—will power SureFire illumination tools that use disposable 123A lithium batteries. The charger, which features a charge status indicator light, will charge two LFP 123A lithium-phosphate batteries simultaneously. The runtime of these LFP 123A batteries is approximately 50% less than the runtime provided by disposable 123A lithium batteries; maximum output levels are typically not affected. Use of these rechargeable batteries can result in a cost savings over time, depending on usage habits.

  • Combination wall (AC) and car (DC) charger simultaneously recharges two lithium-phosphate batteries (included)
  • AC/DC charger features indicator light
  • Two LFP 123A lithium-phosphate rechargeable batteries provide hundreds of charging cycles


    Warning: As with disposable 123A lithium batteries, do not mix rechargeable LFP 123A lithium-phosphate batteries with other types or brands of batteries, including but not limited to 123A lithium batteries. The included charger should not be used to recharge disposable 123A lithium batteries.

    Rechargeable LFP 123A batteries are only to be used to power LED illumination products (built to use 123A lithium batteries) and NOT those featuring incandescent lamps. The initial elevated voltage of these rechargeable batteries, immediately after charging, may cause the filament contained within an incandescent lamp to break or “burn out."

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