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Battery Charger + Two LFP 123A Batteries

SF2R-KIT01 battery charger kit

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Big three electrician

work as an electrician in a factory and really like the 200 lumen capacity of my flash, but not the batt replacement cost. So bought the charger with two rechargeable batteries and also two extra to be able to rotate without downtime. Order was received as expected but the batteries that were supposed to be with the charger were missing, started charging and using the extra set I had ordered and called about missing batt's. Next set was sent out quickly at no charge but when I put them into my new charger to get them ready the charger popped like a dozen firecrackers! And this charger had previously recharged the first set three times without fail, so again to the phone and they sent a RMA pickup and still have my charger and the suspect batteries!. Not a good beginning, but love my flashlight!

Reviewed by S.Hamilton (Posted on 12/3/13)


This is a great charger. it comes with a wall charger and car charger adapter. This is a no brainer. If you purchase the rechargeable batteries you will need this charger.

Reviewed by L. Brown (Posted on 11/29/13)

Great Product

I love this thing! It is very small, compact and very light weight. I love the ability to charge via a standard outlet or a car charger. The batteries charged in about 4 hours and work very well in my Surefire LED lights. The beam appears to be about the same as disposable batteries but the spill is not as bright from my observations. This product is perfect to keep your every day lights powered without going through disposables. Already showed several people I know who will be ordering it as well. Very cool, would buy again.

Reviewed by JTS (Posted on 11/27/13)


Does the great job. Best price and warranty. No product better

Reviewed by highrafter (Posted on 11/13/13)

Low cost solution.

A really good charger and batteries. Compact size and easy to use. No more need to buy the disposable batteries.

Reviewed by Paul (Posted on 11/3/13)

Low cost solution.

A really good charger with recharagable batteries. Compact size, easy to use. No need the none recharagble batteries any more.

Reviewed by Paul (Posted on 11/3/13)

No more disposables!

Great idea that took forever to actually be available. I have multiple sets that power both my Surefires!

Reviewed by JimmyD (Posted on 11/2/13)

Freedom from disposable batteries!

This charger set provided by Surefire is a great alternative to lithium primary cells. Instead of constantly throwing away used batteries this option allows you to recharge these specially made lithium-phosphate batteries over and over again. They don't have as much capacity as the disposable lithium batteries but the ability to recharge them more than makes up for this issue. Personally, these haven't replaced disposable lithium primary batteries. Instead, these lithium-phosphate batteries are what I keep in my lights and I carry standard lithium primaries as backup. So far I have not had any problems with the batteries or the charger. I'm very happy with these lithium-phosphate batteries!

Reviewed by Sean E (Posted on 10/28/13)


Green is great !!!

Reviewed by Jimmy (Posted on 10/28/13)

Great rechargeable batteries

These rechargeable batteries are great for anyone who uses their SureFire flashlight a lot. Having both a wall and car adapter charger lets you stay charged almost anywhere. These are my primary use batteries, while I have a box of SureFire disposable batteries for backup.

Reviewed by Albert (Posted on 10/27/13)



Do not use LFP 123A batteries with incandescent illumination tools. See Restrictions below.

Kit includes two LFP 123A lithium-phosphate rechargeable batteries and a combination wall (AC) and car (DC) charger with appropriate AC and DC cables. These batteries—which retain approximately 50% of their original capacity even after 500 charging cycles—will power SureFire illumination tools that use disposable 123A lithium batteries. The charger, which features a charge status indicator light, will charge two LFP 123A lithium-phosphate batteries simultaneously. The runtime of these LFP 123A batteries is approximately 50% less than the runtime provided by disposable 123A lithium batteries; maximum output levels are typically not affected. Use of these rechargeable batteries can result in a cost savings over time, depending on usage habits.

  • Combination wall (AC) and car (DC) charger simultaneously recharges two lithium-phosphate batteries (included)
  • AC/DC charger features indicator light
  • Two LFP 123A lithium-phosphate rechargeable batteries provide hundreds of charging cycles


    Warning: As with disposable 123A lithium batteries, do not mix rechargeable LFP 123A lithium-phosphate batteries with other types or brands of batteries, including but not limited to 123A lithium batteries. The included charger should not be used to recharge disposable 123A lithium batteries.

    Rechargeable LFP 123A batteries are only to be used to power LED illumination products (built to use 123A lithium batteries) and NOT those featuring incandescent lamps. The initial elevated voltage of these rechargeable batteries, immediately after charging, may cause the filament contained within an incandescent lamp to break or “burn out."

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Warning: Non-Removable Illumination Tool Heads

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