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Minimus Vision

Variable-Output LED Headlamp

Minimus Vision Variable-Output LED Headlamp

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Love the idea but some issues

I have used the minimus vision for over a year now. It has been through a month of sea kayaking, a month of backpacking, and a month of mountaineering in Alaska. Also it has held up through many expeditions in Montana, Idaho and Washington. The headlamp when operational does great and will cut through thin fog and dust and isn't blinding to look at. The issues I've had are as follows: the red filter broke early on and isn't practical to carry with you, the swivel feature wore out and it doesn't always keep it's angle, and just recently the output dial became stuck in the off position and the bulb is continuously emitting an extremely dim glow. At this point it is totally not functional. I am surprised at this issue but it has lasted a long time. The only other issue is in extremely cold temperatures the batteries drain quickly and the light is more dim. But there is no convenient way to keep the battery/bulb warm enough to function well, other than talking it off. I have had some issues with the product but overall I think it is a great buy for canyoneering or caving because of the compact design, waterproofness, and ability to cut through particles in the air. Note the range is proportionally short for a 75 lumen lamp. I support surefire and their products but this lamp could use a little more refining.

Reviewed by David Matlock (Posted on 9/3/14)

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Output / Runtime -- White Light
High75.0lumens / 1.5 hours**
Low1.0lumens / 50.0 hours
Weight w/Batteries3.3ounces
Batteries1123A  (included)
** Runtime (at highest setting for multiple-output
    lights) until output drops below 50 lumens.


HS2-B-SL 084871316569
The Minimus Vision headlamp features a specially selected high-efficiency LED that emits warm incandescent-like light that's excellent for penetrating dust and fog while providing the same extended runtime as our other LED headlamps. Its smooth wide beam is optimized for your field of view, output is adjustable from 0 to 75 lumens via the knurled right-hand control dial, and its warm-colored light is soothing to the eyes. A red filter (included) gives you the option of low-signature light that helps preserve dark-adapted vision. Also included is an integrated long-running SOS beacon for emergencies. A comfortable but strong fine-mesh headband features a moisture wicking Breathe-O-Prene® forehead pad for added comfort. Minimus Vision runs on a single 123A battery contained within the left-hand tilt-control knob, and the battery access cap features a short leash to prevent loss. Built from tough polymer and rugged aerospace aluminum hard-anodized in a matte silver, the Minimus Vision is lightweight, yet like its siblings the Minimus™ Tactical, the Minimus™ AA, and the original Minimus™, it's tough enough for the rigors of caving, mountaineering, and even combat.
  • Virtually indestructible LED emitter regulated to maximize output and runtime
  • Warm-colored light is excellent for penetrating dust and fog
  • Light assembly rotates up and down 90 degrees to direct light where needed
  • Variable light-output dial controls levels from 0 to 75 lumens
  • Built-in SOS beacon can run for days
  • Proprietary refractive optic produces a smooth, wide beam optimized for your field of vision
  • Light housing can be rotated up or down 90 degrees
  • Red filter (included) for low light signature and preserving dark-adapted vision
  • High-strength aerospace aluminum body, Mil-Spec hard-anodized for extreme durability
  • Headband provides comfort, durability, and a secure fit with or without a helmet
  • Breathe-O-Prene® forehead pad wicks away moisture
  • Integral compartment holds one 123A lithium battery (included), which features 10-year shelf life

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