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SureFire EDCL1-T


Dual-Output LED Everyday Carry Flashlight



SureFire M300C ScoutLight


Mini LED ScoutLight



SureFire EDCL2-T


Dual-Output LED Everyday Carry Flashlight

1,200 LUMENS


SureFire XC1-B


Ultra Compact Handgun Light



SureFire G2Z MaxVision

G2Z CombatLight® with MaxVision

LED Flashlight with MaxVision Reflector



SureFire G2X MaxVision

G2X with MaxVision

Dual Output LED Flashlight with MaxVision Reflector



SureFire 6P LED

Leading is Done Best From the Front

In 1986, over three decades ago now, SureFire introduced the 6P® Original. This revolutionary light was a fraction of the size of a traditional flashlight, yet its high-performance incandescent lamp cranked out an amazing (at the time) 60 lumens of light, enough to overwhelm the dark-adapted vision of an aggressor and cut through the darkness. It also featured a thumb-activated switch on its tailcap, which made activating the light simply a matter of covering the switch with your thumb and pressing—no more fumbling around on the light’s body to find and activate the switch like with a conventional flashlight. This little light was a hit with law enforcement and the military professionals, and soon thereafter, with civilians who wanted the same flashlight the pros carried. With the 6P, a whole new genre of illumination tool was born: the “tactical flashlight.” And this was several years after SureFire had already invented weapon-mounted lights and established the whole new genre of WeaponLights.

SureFire led the way back then and has continued to do so throughout its entire history, always from the front of the pack. By pushing the limits of the status quo with bold innovation, cutting-edge technology, and the use of the finest materials and components, we have raised the bar and pulled the rest of the industry right along with us as other companies have scrambled to catch up. But they never quite have because SureFire has never been content to rest on its laurels. We have always competed fiercely against our so-called competitors and, in the process, outdone the only competition that ever really mattered: ourselves.

For many years we pushed the capabilities of the technology of the day, incandescent lamps, creating our own proprietary mix of gasses and using the finest tungsten in our filaments to achieve never-before-heard-of outputs of hundreds of lumens. While other companies under-powered their flashlights with standard alkaline batteries, we embraced the use of disposable lithium 123A batteries, which delivered more power and had far superior performance characteristics.

When we reached the upper limits of incandescent technology, SureFire embraced the light emitting diode (LED) and built entire lines of flashlights, WeaponLights, and hands-free lights around these innovative emitters that could be programmed for much higher outputs and deliver longer runtimes from a given power source than incandescent lamps. Always at the forefront of innovation, we obsessed over ways to squeeze out every lumen of output and every minute of runtime from an LED emitter, regulating the power supplied to the emitter with sophisticated electronics and microprocessors inside of our illumination tools.

While we strove to achieve greater outputs and runtimes, we were always equally as focused on reducing size to make our illumination tools as portable and packable as they were powerful. So they were tools elite tactical professionals and hardcore outdoorsmen would actually carry on duty, into battle, and on them in the Great Outdoors. Tools they could trust to get the job done and help them get home safely. Tools durable and reliable enough to handle anything thrown their way. Tools that lived up to the SureFire name, a name synonymous with quality in the industry we helped create.

Our obsession with creating the perfect beam wasn’t just confined to output. SureFire has always been equally committed to designing and building illumination tools that generate pure, near-flawless beams with no noticeable defects or imperfections. And to offering a wide range of beams to accommodate an even wider range of applications.

For far-reaching beams, we designed and developed deep reflectors that shape an emitter’s light into a tight pattern and project it forward. For a wider beam we manufactured shallower reflectors that dispersed the light into a broad, user-friendly pattern that better accommodates peripheral vision. We spent millions of dollars perfecting our own TIR (total internal reflection) lenses, which we placed over an LED to gather and project forward virtually every lumen of light generated. And recently we created a unique, multi-faceted reflector that, when paired with an LED, creates our proprietary MaxVision Beam™, a seamless wall of white light that’s optimized for human vision.

In the mid 2000s, we incorporated HID (high intensity discharge) lamps capable of achieving outputs of thousands of lumens and reaching hundreds of meters into the night. While not a tool for everyone, these portable searchlights effectively serve military units, search-and-rescue operations, and even civilians who need an ultra-powerful, far-reaching light source around the world. Our HellFighter® WeaponLights served valiantly in conflicts around the globe, helping our brave men and women in uniform achieve victories and saving lives—and we’ve got the firsthand stories to back it up.

Today, as we near our 40th year in business, SureFire has rededicated itself and redoubled its efforts to achieve even higher outputs, longer runtimes, and more reliability and durability. Take our 6PX Tactical flashlight, for example, a direct descendent of the flashlight that started it all, the 6P Original. Like its predecessor, the 6PX features a lightweight but tough all-aluminum body with a durable hard-anodized black finish. But where the 6P Original generated a then-incredible 60 lumens of output, the 6PX cranks out 10 times the output in a package roughly the same size!

While we’re extremely proud of our past here at SureFire, believe us when we say that the best is definitely yet to come. And for all of our loyal customers throughout the years who have been nearly as invested in our successes as us, know the one thing that will always stay the same as it has since we opened our doors for business back in 1979 is our unwavering commitment to excellence and to achieving legendary SureFire quality with every product we put our name on.

We set the bar, and now we’re raising it. Experience the new gold-standard in illumination with SureFire.