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Vertical Foregrip WeaponLights

Vertical Foregrip WeaponLights attach to the underside of your long gun's forend, providing additional weapon control, and produce a dazzling white pre-focused incandescent beam.

Integral low output navigation lights available in white, red, blue, or infrared.

First choose rail clamp type - throw-lever or thumbscrew.

Vertical Foregrip WeaponLights


  • M900V Foregrip WeaponLight -- BLACK
    M900V  Vertical Foregrip LED WeaponLight — White and IR Output
    150.0 lumens Max Output
    2.5 hours Tactical Runtime
    1.37 inches Bezel Dia.
  • M900LT foregrip WeaponLight -- front angle view
    M900LT  Vertical Foregrip LED WeaponLight—Extended Range
    1000 lumens Max Output
    1.7 hours Tactical Runtime
    2.5 inches Bezel Dia.