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P1R Peacekeeper

Rechargeable Ultra-High Dual-Output LED

P1R Peacekeeper -- angle shot

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surefire peacekeeper

i just got my peacekeeper today from ups man.this light rocks its beam is bright white and a tight hotspot as well as decent spill feels good in the has a surefire charging cradle with wall and car cord too.also a nice looking surefire 18650.this is a complete beast i highly recommend buying wont be disappointed,I got mine from b&h online.

Reviewed by mike the bug guy (Posted on 8/26/14)

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Output / Runtime -- White Light
High600.0lumens / 1.75 hours*
Low15.0lumens / 46.0 hours*
Bezel Diameter1.37inches
Weight w/Batteries6.2ounces
Batteries1Li-ion rech. or two 123A
* Runtime per ANSI standard

 NOTE: Runtimes shown measured when using li-ion
 rechargeable batteries.


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The P1R Peacekeeper is a powerful, dual-output LED flashlight developed for those who patrol our streets. This game-changing rechargeable boasts a virtually indestructible high-performance LED that’s focused by a precision reflector to produce a brilliant 600-lumen beam on high with significant reach and substantial peripheral illumination for situational awareness. And its compact, knurled body make the P1R ideal for use with a handgun. It also features a useful 15-lumen low-output setting that provides extended runtime for close-up tasks.

The first press or click of its click-type tailcap switch unleashes a stunning 600-lumen beam, which is perfect for threat identification and overwhelming the dark-adapted vision of an aggressor. Press or click a second time, within two seconds, to produce a 15-lumen low-output beam ideal for close- to medium-range tasks and greatly extended runtime. On either setting, the tailcap switch allows selection of momentary-on activation when pressed, or constant-on activation when clicked.

The Peacekeeper is powered by a readily available 18650 lithium-ion battery that’s easily recharged using either an AC wall charger or a DC vehicle charger, both included. It can also be powered by two disposable 123A lithium batteries, if necessary.

Constructed of aerospace aluminum with knurling for a secure grip, the body is Mil-Spec hard anodized for maximum durability. The body is also O-ring and gasket sealed for dirt and water resistance. Built for law enforcement, the rugged dual-output Peacekeeper delivers exceptional performance for both tactical and non-tactical applications.

NOTE: The P1R Peacekeeper Tactical, a single-output version, provides 600 max lumens of output every time the tactical tailcap switch is pressed.
  • Virtually indestructible high-output LED regulated to maximize output and runtime
  • Reflector shapes far-reaching beam with intense center and significant surround light for peripheral vision
  • Dual-output tailcap click switch—press or click for maximum output, press or click again within two seconds for useful low-output setting
  • Coated, tempered window resists impact and maximizes light output
  • Weatherproof—O-ring and gasket sealed
  • Constructed of high-strength aerospace aluminum with Mil-Spec hard anodizing for extreme durability
  • Includes energy-dense 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable battery, AC charger, and DC car charger
  • Backed by SureFire’s No-Hassle Promise

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