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SureFire, the tactical technology company®, manufactures illumination tools that are powerful, compact, rugged and reliable. Our flashlights produce optimal beams — no dark holes, rings, hot spots, or shadows. When you own a SureFire flashlight, you own the best. To learn more about what makes SureFire flashlights the finest in the world, click here.
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  • G2X Fire Rescue Pro flashlight -- front angle view
    G2X Fire Rescue Pro  Dual-Output LED
    320 lumens Max Output
    50 lumens Low Output
    1.25  inches Bezel Dia.
    5.2 inches Length
  • G2D Fire Rescue flashlight -- front angle view
    G2D Fire Rescue  Variable-Output LED
    115.0 lumens Max Output
    15.0 lumens Low Output
    1.47 inches Bezel Dia.
    6.10 inches Length
  • E2L AA flashlight -- front angle view
    E2L AA Outdoorsman   Dual-Output LED
    115.0 lumens Max Output
    5.0 lumens Low Output
    1.1 inches Bezel Dia.
    6.8 inches Length
  • E2L Outdoorsman flashlight -- front angle view
    E2L Outdoorsman  Dual-Output LED
    125 lumens Max Output
    5 lumens Low Output
    1.1 inches Bezel Dia.
    5.5 inches Length

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