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Lamp Assembly

MN03 Lamp Assembly

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My old E2E is still going strong , great product !
Use it for a household light and have a one cell LED for traveling !

Reviewed by Frank Howard (Posted on 8/14/14)

new bulb

This is the 3rd bulb for my little flashlight. Works great, I have 2. I wish there was a local source, and they are WAY too costly.

Reviewed by repeat customer (Posted on 5/23/14)

replacement light

Truly enjoy this product. Would appreciate a consideration to lower the price and passed along to your faithful SUREFIRE customers/clients

Reviewed by Ed S (Posted on 5/22/14)

light assembly

I bought a light assembly for my surefire light, service was great,was delivered quickly

Reviewed by JC (Posted on 3/13/14)


Outstanding upgrade to the original bulb. Highly recommend getting this bulb (MNO3). Super fast service in getting it sent to me. Thanks

Reviewed by Jerry Tanner (Posted on 3/7/14)


I bought a light assembly for my surefire light, service was great,was delivered quickly and thats the reason that I have surefire lights in all of my vehicles and atvs. Its the greatest light made.

Reviewed by Nelson Sime (Posted on 2/27/14)

happy to say

I am very happy and satisfied with the sure fire products ,the tech team also went way beyond to make me a satisfied surefire customer ,very pleased and will continue to buy SUREFIRE !!!

Reviewed by curt novitsky (Posted on 2/7/14)

Great light and service

After many years ( over 10) of good service, the bulb went. The website was easy to navigate and the bulb was at my house in days. Keep up the good work!

Reviewed by Mike (Posted on 1/1/14)

The utmost superior customer service.

I wish I didn't buy this bulb.....because when I called Surefire to ask about a bulb for a different light, the awesome person that I talked to said to just send them both back in to them and they made them both work and sent them back quickly with new batteries FOR FREE!
You don't see that kind of treatment anymore these days. Thanks SUREFIRE! I don't go anywhere without this awesome little light right here !

Reviewed by el Barto (Posted on 11/24/13)


Received product quickly, earlier than I thought I would. Great product but a little to expensive($20) for a bulb in my opinion. I go thru at least 2 a year. I work nights so my flashlight gets used often. I always try to keep at least one extra bulb on hand just in case. Have used the same executive light for almost 10 yrs now. So overall it's all good.

Reviewed by Thinblueline (Posted on 10/30/13)



Do not use rechargeable LFP 123A batteries with the MN03 lamp assembly or with other incandescent illumination tools. See Restrictions below.

The MN03 lamp assembly fits in the two-battery Executive series flashlights and produces 60 lumens of light for 1.25 hours.

[NSN: 6240-01-522-6615]


    Rechargeable LFP 123A batteries are only to be used to power LED illumination products (built to use 123A lithium batteries) and NOT those featuring incandescent lamps. The initial elevated voltage of these rechargeable batteries, immediately after charging, may cause the filament contained within an incandescent lamp to break or “burn out."

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