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Lamp Assembly

MN03 Lamp Assembly

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easy! works!

was easy to install and works flawlessly.

Reviewed by Lokke Highstein (Posted on 1/22/15)

safe light

this product my ED 2 60 lumens light , is the best way to prevent at night or reduce visibility areas a safe and efficient way to stay secure .thank you very much surefire , I feel very safe .

Reviewed by jorge m gomez (Posted on 1/6/15)

Read the Fine Print!

The reason I had to purchase two new MN03 bulbs is I bought two CR123 rechargeable batteries with charger from Surefire (SF2R-KIT01) because I wanted to save money on batteries. I charged the two Sure Fire batteries and put them in my Sure Fire flashlight. I got a bright light for half a second, then nothing. I put the Sure Fire rechargable batteries in second flashlight with a MN03 bulb. The same thing hapened.

I bought the Sure Fire rechargable CR123 batteries and charger from Optics Planet. NO wanrnings came with the set.

I go to the Sure Fire website to buy new bulbs and guess what I see? A big warning with the Sure Fire CR123 rechargable batteries not to use them with Sure Fire bulb flashlights. They are only for use with Sure Fire LED flashlights. It seems when the rechargable batteries are completely charged they hold too much voltage for Sure Fire bulbs. They burn out immediaely.

Give me a break Sure Fire??? Either spec the rechargable batteries, and/or the bulbs, to work with each other. How damn hard is that??? Then you do not send out any warnings with the rechargable batteries???
Big screw-up Sure Fire, and it's on you. But it's your customers that have to spend over $20.00 each to replace the burnt bulbs.

Reviewed by Firearmsdoc (Posted on 11/21/14)

MN03 Bulb

As always Surefire delivered a great product in a timely manner.

Reviewed by Tim (Posted on 11/12/14)

Surefire E2D

I recently purchased 2 lamp modules for my E2D Surefire flashlight. I own two of these great flashlights and have found them to be rugged and dependable. After 8 years of daily carry and use which included me dropping them occasionally the lamp module failed. If I only need to replace the lamp module every 8 years I am very happy. The ordering was easy and the delivery was very quick. Thanks for a great product and excellent service.

Reviewed by William Malone (Posted on 9/17/14)

New Bulb after 8 years

My husband bought the Sure Fire Executive Elite E2 series flashlight when he was preparing for a deployment about 8 years ago. He loves this product and was heartbroken when the bulb died. I rushed ordered the bulb and it arrived fast. The packaging was amazing. It was snug fit in a little home of its own protection which I really appreciated. My husband is now very happy that his flashlight works again.
Thank you.

Reviewed by Robin Smith (Posted on 9/6/14)

Replacement Bulb

Arrived promptly and are holding their own. However, I do hope they last a bit longer than the original bulbs which lasted only two battery lives.

Reviewed by John Silva (Posted on 9/2/14)

MNO3 replacement bulb

Back ordered when first requested but came in 2 weeks later. Fits perfectly and works fine. Put one in light and one in carrier with spare batteries. Hope it lasts a little longer than the original. I had it a few years but used it only sporadically.

Reviewed by Tom Martin (Posted on 8/17/14)


My old E2E is still going strong , great product !
Use it for a household light and have a one cell LED for traveling !

Reviewed by Frank Howard (Posted on 8/14/14)

new bulb

This is the 3rd bulb for my little flashlight. Works great, I have 2. I wish there was a local source, and they are WAY too costly.

Reviewed by repeat customer (Posted on 5/23/14)


MN03 084871870641

Do not use rechargeable LFP 123A batteries with the MN03 lamp assembly or with other incandescent illumination tools. See Restrictions below.

The MN03 lamp assembly fits in the two-battery Executive series flashlights and produces 60 lumens of light for 1.25 hours.

[NSN: 6240-01-522-6615]


    Rechargeable LFP 123A batteries are only to be used to power LED illumination products (built to use 123A lithium batteries) and NOT those featuring incandescent lamps. The initial elevated voltage of these rechargeable batteries, immediately after charging, may cause the filament contained within an incandescent lamp to break or “burn out."

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