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G2X Fire Rescue Pro

Dual-Output LED

G2X Fire Rescue Pro flashlight -- front angle view

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Fire Light

Put this one onto my helmet with a Blackjack mount and it is nigh onto perfect. Bright when I need it, not so much when I'm in a group or a rig. Another great SureFire product!

Reviewed by Oldest Rookie (Posted on 4/2/15)

Fit and Finish
Product Design
Product Performance
SF Customer Service
Overall Value
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My new G2X Fire Rescue Pro

It's fairly new so SureFire maybe could have waited a few months before emailing for a review. But so far...

* Like my other SureFire products, it just feels like it's built solid, with high quality and durability.

* I've only used it twice so far, and not yet in dangerous environments. Worked great. I MIGHT put this on my fire helmet. Not sure yet. In the meantime, it's going to be my go to utility light for fire / ems.

* One main advantage I really like is the 50 vs. 320 lumen option. I don't particularly care for how you actuate this though. That is, you click on, off, then on again to change what level you're at. Seems that it would be better just to cycle from low to high or high to low and then off and that's it. Probably a rationale for it, but... I just find that odd.

* In any case, it's in my rescue bag now and replaces an older SureFire LX that's now going to the flight bag. (A light and a bag for everything.)

Reviewed by Scott (Posted on 2/19/15)

wanted by others

I'm an HVAC/R tech. I purchased my G2X Rescue Pro because a lot of the time I'm looking over drop ceilings, behind equipment, in dark places and I am very pleased with the light and the distance of such a small flashlight. My co-workers have even commented how good it works and say "I'm gonna have to get me one of them" when I switch it from high to low beam with ease. Batteries have long life for such a bright light. Very happy with purchase, one of my most valuable tools.

Reviewed by Brad Richards (Posted on 12/11/14)

G2X Fire Rescue Pro

Sturdy. Rugged. Bright orange is easy to locate in bags, among other gear, in low light. Broad field of good illumination, high beam reaches out to 200 yards. Lanyard handy to maintain control and prevent loss especially when juggling other items. Useful for night searches, dog walking, game study. Great value. Must have safety/survival tool.

Reviewed by Clarence Dumais (Posted on 11/7/14)

Great update

I bought a G2 Nitrolon when I deployed in 2009 with the Air Force. I was an electrician working nights, so there were always dark places when looking around during power outages. It's a great light. I've carried it on my side ever since. Both to work and when I was off and carrying concealed.

I now work in construction and a lot of times need a bright light. My original G2 has been working great, until I saw the G2 fire Rescue Pro. Brighter light, orange body is easier to find if I drop it in the dust piles on the site, and a push button tail cap. Now my G2 sits in the night stand for emergencies.

Reviewed by Stephen Huff (Posted on 8/13/14)

G2X Fire Rescue Pro

I recently received my g2x fire rescue pro and I love it!!! What I like best about it is that the low level is 50 lumens which is great for emergencies. Also, it's great that it is bright orange so it jumps out at you.

Reviewed by Eva Schlenner (Posted on 2/22/14)

G2X Flashlight

I bought this light a few weeks ago. I was impressed with the construction quality and brightness (like every sure fire I used in the military) but I was waiting for a structure fire to properly review it. Last Sunday I was on the first due engine to a structure fire and was the nozzle man. As my lieutenant forced the door we were met with heavy black smoke. Visibility was limited to less than a foot but with the flashlight on high, it was easy to identify what was in front of me and easy for my backup man to keep tabs on where I was. The light was subjected to heavy water and shock when so e of the Sheetrock and lath and plaster on the ceiling fell on it. It worked great! Very glad I replaced my last light with it and I recommend it to every firefighter I know. Your helmet light may be the only flashlight that makes a life and death difference and I feel much safer with this one. A++

Reviewed by F.F. Lindenmayer (Poland Fire Co.) (Posted on 12/30/13)

G2X FR Pro

Having recently purchased EDC pocket knives with fluorescent handles of venom green and orange, I took a closer look at this orange handled light and realized the power of the lower setting. Dove right in and ordered one! What a beast! I love this one!
Probably the single most useful and versatile of all the Surefires, my wife and I own. The lanyard is no less imposing...long enough, very eye catching, and very secure. My EDC Surefires now include this one in my bag, next to my armored, waterproof iPhone 5, and other necessary gear. Being a disabled vet and retired professional soldier, I am very demanding when it comes to what I call my life support gear. This great light is now a close companion. Very well done, folks! This light should be a must have for any responsible adult.

Reviewed by Randy Malorin, SFC, USA (Ret) (Posted on 11/27/13)

Another SureFire Home Run

I became a fan of SureFire LED lights a number of years ago. I have carried and used daily an E1L Outdoorsman in one form or another in my job as a fire officer and on many Boy Scout adventures. (I still have and use all three.) When I received the email special offer on the orange G2X Fire Rescue Pro, I contemplated ordering right away. It was a SureFire I didn't have, it was a dual output light, it was orange (I love orange stuff!) and it came with some cool accessories. After about a week and a half of contemplation, I finally decided I would have more regret NOT buying one. I placed the order as a Halloween treat to myself (and belated birthday gift!) The light arrived in short order and I immediately added it to the essential gear I always carry when at work. Fire fighters have a natural attraction to cool flashlights anyway so there is always room for one more, especially one as reliable and visible as the G2X Fire Rescue Pro. I know SureFire is always making improvements so I have two suggestions for future developments of fire rescue lights: 1. Add a strobe feature for distress marking and general signalling. 2. Design and build a 'right angle' light that can be secured to a bunker coat to facilitate hands free use. I have had few opportunities to use the G2X Fire Rescue Pro in tactical situations. When I have some experiences to share, I'll submit a more detailed performance review.

Reviewed by FireCaptain 4 (Posted on 11/27/13)



Reviewed by Dan D. (Posted on 11/13/13)


Output / Runtime -- White Light
High320lumens / 2.75 hours*
Low50lumens / 21.5 hours*
Bezel Diameter1.25 inches
Weight w/Batteries4.4ounces
Batteries2123A  (included)
* Runtime per ANSI standard



The G2X Fire Rescue Pro is a powerful dual-output flashlight designed specifically for firefighters, paramedics, EMTs, and other first responders, but it can also serve as an excellent outdoor/general use flashlight or emergency/disaster light.

The virtually indestructible LED and precision micro-textured reflector create a smooth, perfectly focused beam in two output levels. Press or click the ergonomically-positioned tailcap switch for a 50-lumen output that provides plenty of illumination for most closer-range lighting tasks, navigating in the dark, or greatly extending the runtime per set of batteries — a valuable option if you're in the field. Press or click again within two seconds for a brilliant 320-lumen beam with a brighter central area that can reach deep into the dark but which has enough surround beam to accommodate peripheral vision.

This compact weatherproof flashlight features a tough, smoothly sculpted Nitrolon® body that resists scratches, abrasion, and corrosion and provides a secure, comfortable grip in cold weather; the fluorescent orange color provides maximum visibility in low light conditions. The head is made from high-strength aerospace aluminum, black hard anodized for superior resistance to wear, and features a tough high-temperature polycarbonate window that resists both impact damage and extreme heat.
  • Virtually indestructible LED emitter regulated to maximize light output and runtime
  • Two output levels—high for maximum light, low for extended runtime
  • Precision micro-textured reflector creates smooth, optimized beam
  • Special high-temperature polycarbonate window resists impact, extreme heat
  • Tough, lightweight fluorescent orange Nitrolon® body
  • Black hard-anodized aerospace aluminum head
  • Dual-output tailcap click switch—press for momentary-on low, click for constant-on low, return to off then press or click again for high
  • Extra-long fluorescent lanyard included
  • Weatherproof—O-ring and gasket sealed
  • Includes high-energy 123A batteries with 10-year shelf life

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