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Red Filter for 1.37" Bezels

FM46 red filter for 1.37" diameter bezels

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goin up!

Dang surefire the prices were at $140.00 what the hell...

Reviewed by FRANK (Posted on 3/17/14)


I'm sure it will be great when I find the time to use it :(

Reviewed by Bradley Hill (Posted on 10/12/13)

Nice Filter

A little pricey, but well made!

Reviewed by Jim Lamp'l (Posted on 10/12/13)

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The FM45 is a red filter for flashlights and WeaponLights with a 1.37" bezel diameter. Produces a smooth beam of red light that will not degrade night vision as white light would. Hunters use the red filter to avoid spooking game during pre-dawn hours - deer see poorly in the red color spectrum. The filter is also useful for close range, non-tactical applications - such as map reading -- as it reduces the intensity of light output. Applying thumb pressure to the locking tab releases the cover; a spring mechanism keeps the open cover out of the way by holding it flat against the flashlight. A cam-locking lever keeps the entire unit securely attached to the flashlight.

Fits: All flashlights and WeaponLights with a 1.37" bezel
  • Fits 1.37" bezels
  • Cam-locking lever keeps filter securely attached to flashlight
  • Spring-loaded filter lid stays up when open, locks in closed position
  • Provides secondary protection to flashlight window
  • Helps preserve dark-adapted vision

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Warning: Non-Removable Illumination Tool Heads

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