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Ultra-High Two-Output-Mode LED WeaponLight for Mossberg 500 & 590

DSF-500/590  Shotgun Forend WeaponLight -- left side view

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Like the product

Bought the product, was easy to install. Works great, just like every other product surefire makes. It now completes my Mossberg 590A1, I enjoy having this product, it rides beside me in most cases.

Reviewed by Joe (Posted on 11/27/15)

Fit and Finish
Product Design
Product Performance
SF Customer Service
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Mossberg 500A needs more parts

Though the Surefire is everything you expect, bright, solid, functions well, button layout is excellent, good battery life so far no issues after a few months. The one are lacking is the instructions and issues with fitment or parts needed to fit. Though it is not Surefires fault I wish they would have more information on fotment and what is needed.

I installed this on my father Mossberg 500A Persuader after he saw mine on my 870 and M2 as a gift for everything he does to help out me and my famiky. You know being a good dad. But what I did not expect is having to purchase a 7 3/4 slide tube and end nut on top of the light just to get it to work. Make sure your shotgun has a slide tube and end nut to work. I assume that it will work with the shorter slide tube for those with SBS 14" shotties.

Another negative. i wish that Surefire would apply some more aggressive txturing similar to what Magpul is doing for there stocks, the forend can get a bit slick when wet or sweaty. Something that a decent stipple will take care of yet wish it was so out of the box! Maybe in a Future version. If you are hesitating dont. By far the best solution avaialble for a defense shotgun, especially with the uodated led heads and switch layout. Fix the instructikns and add more aggressive stippling Surefire and you will have a winner. The tool is on but lacking. Magpul makes a good tool with there forends. Maybe work with them for stippling patterns and tools to be included perhaos as a stock and forend package cola oration between the two companies and the best of the best for a Mossberg or Remington pump. Now to make some lights for the Beneli pumps....

Reviewed by Stephen F. (Posted on 10/29/15)

Fit and Finish
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Mossberg 500 Surefire light great fit.

I brought this surefire light for my Mossberg 500 on the Third of March and received it in less than five days. It fits well but the instructions that came with it were not very helpful. I had to watch a Youtude video to make sure I was assembling it correctly. The special tool that came with it worked excellent. I would recommend this product for any Mossberg shotgun.

Reviewed by Kerry G (Posted on 3/12/15)

Mossberg 590 with heatshield was HARD TO INSTALL

First, I love SureFire. I own a few of their products. I have two stickers on the back of my SUV... one is the NRA and the other is SureFire.

That said...I have the Mossberg 590 with the heat shield. Not sure if Surefire tested this model in their R&D, because I had a lot of work to do to get it to fit.

I had to sand probably 1/8th of an inch off the top of the forend to get it to fit on my gun. I eventually went to Home Depot and bought a band sander just because it became apparent how much sanding was going to be needed. It says SUREFIRE on top of the forend... and I went completely down through that impression of their logo. So mine just appears scratched from sanding with no logo impression.

I actually also had to sand the bottom of the barrel a bit as it would not all fit together without taking some off the barrel itself.

I spent probably 6 to 7 hours sanding, trying to re-assemble... sanding, trying to re-assemble, sanding... etc.

After I did manage to get it all put back together, I had to take it apart again to sand more because it was almost impossible to rack because the unit top was still pressed so hard against the heatshield. I did manage to sand enough off though so it finally fit and was again easy to rack.

I'm happy with the overall idea of the unit... now that it fits... I just wish SureFire had taken into consideration the heatshield that a lot of Mossberg 590 owner's have on their shotgun. If you have the same Mossberg, just be prepared for quite a bit of work to make it fit and all go back together again.

But again, I love SureFire products and would not hesitate to buy more. I also have the Fury P2 which was perfect out of the box!


Reviewed by Dave Mikes (Posted on 11/4/14)


I bought this for my Mossberg 590A1. It lights up insanely bright! It was easy to install following the online instructions. That shotgun is pretty much built for one thing, home protection. And if its night time you better be sure you know exactly what you're aiming at. Although I have not shot with it yet it may take some getting used to. I really liked the feel of the stock forend. I want to see if the lights will either turn on of turn off when firing the gun now as my fingers are on the buttons all the time and there is only one place to put my hand on the forend, can't adjust my grip more forward or rearward. Probably just needs some getting used to. It feels heavy duty and well made and the light is blindingly bright. Besides those two issues that I have with the product definitely I feel and sleep better now knowing that I am more prepared at night knowing that I have a flood of illumination.

Reviewed by SonomaComa (Posted on 7/1/14)

DSF 500/590

Nice bit of kit but looking at shelving it as it does not fit on Mossberg 590 with heatshield. Might need to attack it with a dremel...

Reviewed by George Joseph (Posted on 6/14/14)

Can't Use Heatshield

As another review stated you will not be able to use your heat shield if you have one already installed due to clearance issues, too tight and not enough spacing.

The instructions are also very vague if you are a novice at breaking down and reassembling shotguns.

All in all a very nice addition and am haply with the purchase. Lots of light and easy to hold in my opinion.

Reviewed by Mossberg Fan (Posted on 6/4/14)


Great addition to my 590A1. fit was very snug on mag tube during instillation but very secure once completed. Amazing amount of light from this device--controls are easy to use by feel alone- master off switch is protected and convenient . Highly recommend.

Reviewed by ralph alley (Posted on 12/10/13)


Installed product on the Mossberg 500. Fits perfectly, operates perfectly. I would like to see a hand strap option, but he grip stays in my hand while firing very well. It's slightly rubbery. The position of the buttons activating the light are ambidextrous and easy to access. The illumination will give anything a "deer in the headlight" moment.

Wish Surefire made it strobe, too!

Instructions were insufficient for anyone who has never broken their shotgun down before. They do include however, the required guidance regarding the grip-length spacer.

Also, grip significantly increased the cross-sectional profile, and my Mossberg 500 no longer fits in my ruck-holster.

So with my greatly improved Mossberg 500, within insane illumination, I am shopping for a new holster.

Reviewed by Shane Hesse (Posted on 11/3/13)

Nice, but...

Easy to install, but I had to remove the Mossberg heat shield due to clearance issues. Apparently a combination that wasn't tried in the design or testing. Installed on Mossberg 500 Cruiser.

Reviewed by Mark Miller (Posted on 10/28/13)

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Output / Runtime -- White Light
High600lumens / 1.5 hours
Low200lumens / 3.0 hours**
Tactical Runtime**3.0hours
Bezel Diameter1.37inches
Weight w/Batteries18.2ounces
Batteries2123A  (included)
** Runtime until output drops below 50 lumens.


DSF-500/590 084871321020
Featuring two levels of tactical illumination, ambidextrous switching, a slender ergonomic design, and legendary SureFire reliability and durability, the DSF-500/590 is the ultimate WeaponLight for Mossberg 500 or 590 shotguns.

This compact, lightweight system replaces the weapon’s original factory forend and features a recoil-proof LED that generates 600 lumens of blinding white light at maximum output, or 200 lumens with twice the runtime on its high setting. The LED’s light is focused by a precision reflector to create a smooth, wide beam perfect for closer-range shotgun applications typical in law enforcement and home defense—with enough reach and surround light to properly identify threats and maintain situational awareness.

The DSF-500/590 features large, tactile momentary and constant-on switches on both sides for precise control by left- and right-handed shooters. Selecting the LED’s output is achieved by activating the light in constant-on mode and then pressing the output-mode selector switch until the desired output level (600 or 200 lumens) is set. The selected output can then be left in constant-on mode or switched to momentary activation, and it stays at that output level until reset. Every DSF-Series WeaponLight also features an integrated system-disable switch to prevent accidental activation during transport, storage, or stealth operations.

A lightweight but strong aluminum module protects the optics, LED, and sophisticated electronics, minimizing length with side-by-side placement of the two lithium batteries that power the system. The module has a Mil-Spec hard anodized finish to protect against scratches, abrasion, and corrosion, while O-ring and gasket seals keep out moisture, dust, and debris. The slender forend body is made from extremely tough polymer and is textured for a secure hold and features large, tactile momentary and constant-on switching on both sides for precise control by left- and right-handed shooters.

The DSF-500/590 fits as-is any 500 or 590 shotgun variant with a 6¾" forend tube (magazine tube). An included internal spacer provides a proper fit for 7¾" forend tubes.

The DSF-500/590 provides unmatched power, versatility, and control, making it a must-have on Mossberg 500 and 590 shotguns used in combat, law enforcement, or home defense. NOTE: To see our other DSF shotgun forend models, click here.

Fits: Mossberg 500 and 590 shotguns with either 6¾” or 7 ¾” forend tube
  • Virtually indestructible, two-output LED generates 600 lumens of blinding light on its max setting, and 200 lumens with nearly twice the runtime on high
  • Precision reflector shapes a versatile beam with ample reach and surround light for close- to medium-range applications
  • Switching—ambidextrous momentary- and constant-on switches on both sides, output-mode-selector switch on left side, system-disable switch on forend bottom
  • Slender, lightweight, high-impact polymer forend is textured for secure grip
  • Construction—Mil-Spec hard-anodized aluminum body; coated, tempted window; O-ring & gasket seals for weatherproofing
  • Includes high-energy 123A batteries with 10-year shelf life
  • Backed by SureFire’s No-Hassle Promise

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