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SureFire 2211® Luminox® WristLight

Rechargeable Variable-Output LED WristLight + Watch

2211 Luminox WristLight / Watch

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Awesome Watch

I night dive with this watch and absolutely love it. The light attracts a lot of sea life that makes for good fishing. I also strap the watch to my harpoon and use it as a tracer.

I've been camping several times with this watch too and I've fastened it to tree branches and used it as a lamp.

I also have uses for it at work too! I'm a videographer and I keep the light on while I shoot at night.

I have only two CONs to say: 1. The watch doesn't have a compass which makes being off-the-grid more unpractical 2. No Infra-red, that is a huge disappointment considering IR's uses... really, we should get IR considering the price tag.

Reviewed by Lobsternator (Posted on 1/27/15)

Great Concept, needs tweaking

The concept is ideal. "Where has this been all my life?" degrees of good. The execution is solid and lightyears beyond any competition. I will be keeping mine and using it for most outdoor activities as my go-to wrist watch. However, I will be interested to see a second generation of this product for the following reasons:

1) The Luminox components of this device are NOT Surefire-tough. A simple drop to a hard surface such as rocks or a concrete workplace floor will break both the face glass and the workings. (This is learned by sad experience.) I recommend taking off/putting on the watch over a soft surface to guard against mishap. Don't drop it.

2) I would love to see a long Velcro strap option. The watch is too bulky to fit under the cuff of a normal long-sleeve shirt. (Total thickness of the light+watch unit is 1+1/8" above the wrist. Think early-gen wrist GPS units.) For any long-sleeve wear, the watch strap would need to belt around the outside of the shirt/jacket cuff. The current rubber belt is too short for such use.

3) Angle on the light with a fully extended isosceles pistol position is slightly high and left of sight line. (This is because the light's angle in the setting has zero lateral offset, making it coaxial with the arm on that axis, and a little too much vertical offset.) It will still be fairly blinding to the target, but the target will be at the lower right edge of the illumination disk. The angle of the light is almost perfect for an old-fashioned Weaver-style arm position. (Ideally, the LED mount might be made to "rock" a few degrees on both axes.)

Meantime, it's still a magnificent back-up light, and a great way to search with the left hand while leaving that hand free to manipulate objects or go to the gun as needed. The value of this utility cannot be overstated. It's like having an extra left hand.

Reviewed by WCC (Posted on 1/12/15)

We Need a Model For Left Handers

Great tool, but not for LEFT-HANDERS...

The only drawback is if you happen to be one of the world's lefties. The light, with the watch, is not made to be used on the right wrist of a left-hand shooter. If you do put it on your right wrist so the light is usable, the watch is upside down.

SureFire needs to either release an ambidextrous model or a lefty model.

Reviewed by Pumba (Posted on 12/17/14)

SureFire Luminox 2211

Superb. Superb. Superb.

The 2211 delivers in all categories: great quality and great utility. Wonderful form and function that frees your hands, delivers a blinding white light and might just save your ass in a pinch... ...and it's always with you.

Looking back at my career (two combat tours in Vietnam/USMC; thirty years retired federal senior officer; president of our fire/rescue service), I wish I had had this device on my arm.

Expensive? Yes. Worth the cost? Absolutely. I highly recommend the 2211 to anyone who carries concealed, is involved in rescue operations or - simply appreciates a powerful, high quality device that's ALWAYS with you and available when you need it.

Reviewed by Gary (Posted on 12/17/14)

precision, purpose, power

Surefire and Luminox, two companies who base their products in precision, purpose and power, ventures into new territory to give you
The Surefire 2211 Luminox Wristlight.

Let's start off with the Luminox time keeping piece which is beautifully crafted, with its trademark tritium markers and simple time keeping abilities all these traits accompanied with the surefire wristlight, a 300 lumen light emitting device, set with 3 modes, useful for most situations, 300 - tactical(fending off the bad guys, 60 - everyday use (auto work, black outs, throwing out the trash at night), 15 - low level (night reading, searching for lost keys in the sofa, battery conservation)etc. There is just no substitution when it comes to having a tool that will perform 110% even when you dont.

im not going to pretend i dont see the price tag. yes it is steep, but what you are receiving is worth a lot more.

take if from the owner of : e1e, eb1, e1l, e1dL, e2e, e2d, e2dL, e2dLU, e2laa, 6p, G2, G2X, 6px, P3x,

Reviewed by EDC ready (Posted on 12/3/14)

Great tool, but not for LEFT HANDERS...

This is a great tool for any MIL/LE personnel to have.

The only drawback is if you happen to be one of the unlucky leftys of the world. The light angle is not made to be used on the strong side (left hand) of a shooter and the watch is not made to be worn on the support side (right hand) because it appears upside down.

Surefire needs to eitherrelease an ambidextrous model or a lefty model.

Reviewed by JB (Posted on 10/23/14)

A "Makes-Complete-Sense" Combination

Owned and worn mine regularly for 1 month.

• Lightweight
• Awesome Luminox watch. Simply the best in the dark.
• Surprisingly powerful light with 3 settings. Except when shooting, the lowest setting has been plenty for my needs. The beam is the right shape for its intended purpose.
• Battery life not to be believed. My biggest positive surprise!
• Fantastic to have your hands free with light in the right places whether you are shooting or walking out after dark.
• The light gets used all the time...more than I ever suspected it would.

• It's a lot to wear on your wrist.
• Cost...cough! It cost a lot but has surpassed my expectations.

Wait and See:
• The crown is a little difficult to manipulate. Without a screwdown crown I am curious to see how it performs under water. So far it has only been exposed to a good rain.
• I'm undecided about the rubber wrist strap. It's very elastic so it's easy to put on too tight where it restricts circulation or too loose where the watch slides around...a small complaint and I may still get used to it.

When I saw Luminox and Surefire teaming up for this product, I knew something awesome had to come out of those two great companies. I have not been disappointed. I have been waiting for a product like this for years and would buy it again tomorrow, high cost or not. Way to go!

Reviewed by CSCBowhunter (Posted on 10/18/14)

an excellent device to have

The watch/light is a great combo. It's got a battery charge indicator (when illuminated) and the always on glow of the swiss watch is just noticeable in the day and just right at night. I would prefer an replaceable battery option since I'm not always less than a day away from the electrical grid. It appears to have a sapphire watch window but the cheapo-cheapo manuals are written for a family of products and you need to guess what type you really have. Unfortunately my watch broke before I could really use it much. The stem is hard to pull out for adjustment. If you really put your back into it, I couldn't stop before the stem came completely out. It went back in and was functional but a day later the watch froze. Now in for service.

Reviewed by rnfrank (Posted on 10/11/14)


Amazing...from a police officer standpoint this is perfect for officers. This exceeded my expectations. It's light weight and very durable. If you don't know about Luminox, please do some research on of the best tactical watches on the market made for military and law enforcement. I highly recommend this investment! - perfect for building searches.

Reviewed by Johnny Utah (Posted on 10/8/14)

Love it!

The watch and light has performed just as I expected it to. The watch looks big and cool on your wrist but I sure was surprised I can wear it all day and all night at work and it doesn't feel uncomfortable at all! That was important to me because for it to be always ready for use you better be always wearing it. I actually sometimes forget i'm ever wearing the 2211. The LED could be passed off as a camera lens which is how I always introduce the light to people that ask me what's that! The light is very bright & goes on high power on first button press and I like how if you press both buttons at the same time it goes on low power first. The light is a wide flood beam that lights up everything in a dark room and it's bright!

Reviewed by Danny (Posted on 8/4/14)

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Output / Runtime -- White Light
High300lumens / 1.0 hour*
Med60lumens / 4.0 hours*
Low15lumens / 13.0 hours*
Weight w/Batteries5.0ounces
* Runtime until output drops below 10% of maximum
   output at this setting. (ANSI standard)


2211-A-BK-LMX 84871321617

The SureFire 2211® Luminox® WristLight—the first of its kind—offers tactical light output that’s instantly accessible since it is securely strapped to your wrist, and it also boasts an integral Luminox timepiece. This 2211 model—rechargeable like the original—features a high-performance LED whose light is focused by a refractive optic into a broad, intense 300-lumen wall of light designed for tactical situations. Its Swiss-made Luminox timepiece is integrated into a lightweight, rugged body that straps securely to your wrist via a durable rubber wristband, and its watch-face features self-illuminated hands for low-light applications. This is the ultimate hands-free light and watch combination—and it’s ready for any challenge, especially if things go south.

All 2211 models were developed with input from law enforcement officers and feature brilliant light output that automatically aligns with your pistol when using a standard two-handed grip. This broad, room-filling wall of white light effectively illuminates threats and non-threats at close to medium ranges, and it’s always ready. The revolutionary, versatile 2211 Luminox also provides convenient hands-free illumination in a wide range of low-light applications including close-up work for law enforcement, EMTs and other medical personnel. It is also ideal for industrial professionals, across all trades, since the light from the 2211 is directed where it’s needed and permits the use of two hands.

The multiple light-output levels of the 2211 Luminox are easy to access via its integral pushbutton switches. Simply press either switch to instantly activate the 300-lumen maximum beam to respond to a sudden threat. Press the switch again, within 0.5 seconds, to activate the low-level 15-lumen setting. Another press of either switch turns the light off.

Press and hold both ergonomic switches simultaneously to cycle through three levels of useful illumination: 300 lumens of blinding white light for tactical situations; 60 lumens of mid-level illumination great for everyday tasks or nighttime walks; and 15 lumens of low-output light ideal for any situation where low-level light is needed for extended periods of time. Release the switches when the desired level of light is activated; press either switch again to turn the light off. Light output can be programmed to cycle from high- to low-output, or from low to high, depending on your personal preference.

The integral Luminox timepiece features a classic design, a high-quaity Swiss quartz movement, a unidirectional rotating bezel with timer markings, and self-illuminating tritium hands and markers that glow continuously, for the ultimate in readability in low-light situations. It also boasts a hardened, scratch-resistant mineral crystal, and it’s gasket sealed for water resistance.

Constructed of lightweight, hard-anodized aerospace aluminum, the 2211 Luminox features a heavy duty rubber wristband that holds the unit securely but comfortably in place. It’s powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a built-in LED fuel gauge that lets you know when it’s time to recharge—which is easily done using the included USB cable. Although it was built for the demanding needs of law enforcement, the 2211 Luminox is available to anyone who wants a one-of-a-kind hands-free illumination tool that’s always ready.

NOTE: The integral Luminox watch runs on its own lithium disk battery that is unaffected by the USB charger.
  • High-performance LED and proprietary refractive optic produce a broad beam at three useful levels: 300, 60, and 15 lumens
  • The press of either ambidextrous pushbutton switch activates the LED on high, or it can be cycled through all levels by pressing both buttons simultaneously
  • Securely straps to support-hand wrist via a durable rubber wristband for instant access and automatic alignment with pistol when using normal two-handed grip
  • Integral Luminox watch features self-illuminating dial for low-light readability
  • High-strength, lightweight aerospace aluminum construction with Mil-Spec hard anodizing for extreme durability
  • Built-in LED fuel gauge lets you know when to recharge battery
  • Includes rechargeable lithium-ion battery, micro-USB charge port, and USB charging cable

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