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Package of Two LFP 123A Rechargeable Batteries

SF2R-CB rechargeable LFP 123A batteries

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Not worth the trouble

I bought 12 rechargeable batteries and a charger.

I quickly discovered that the batteries discharge after about 20 minutes of usage.

Don't have time to deal with sending them back.

Do not recommend this product.

Reviewed by Brad Starling (Posted on 12/8/14)

Long charge time and close to half the run time.

I bought these rechargables to avoid buying a ton of regular 123s. I didn't trust the other rechargeables out there so I went with these. Working at night I use a number of flashlights regularly. I've found these batteries to be of good quality. However the run time of these batteries is close to half of a regular 123s. The charge time is also pretty long taking probably 3-4 hours to charge. I might be saving money but I'll probably start wearing out the threads on the tail-caps changing batteries all the time.

Reviewed by JT (Posted on 12/3/14)

123 re-chargeables

Even though the duration is half of what non-rechargeables are, these can be re-charged hundreds of times. Plus, I have a solar charger, it's cost efficient. Thank You.

Reviewed by Ray (Posted on 11/8/14)

CR-123 Bad

Charged new rechargeable 123's for the first time. The batteries heated up so hot that they burned. Poor customer service from Surefire made this a frustrating ordeal even worse.

Reviewed by Jack Morrel (Posted on 11/5/14)


I purchased two of these batteries with the charger almost two years ago and I am still using them. When I purchased more products that use the same battery it only made sense to order more. I love this product and recommend it to everyone I know.

Reviewed by J.C. Smith (Posted on 10/27/14)

CR-123 Reveiw

The batteries broke within a week, some even started to leak acid. Rather poor construction, if I may say so myself.

Reviewed by Jake (Posted on 9/26/14)

ordered spare batteries but did not receive

as well as a spare set of batteries i also ordered a battery charger. i haven't opened or used this charger or the included batteries that came with the charger because i ordered an additional pair of batteries which i did not receive with my order. i want the box & item to be in the same shape i received it in. i called customer service 1 week ago from today(Friday, August 31, 2014) & the young woman wanted to know the condition of the box. i told her, "accordion-shaped with a large gash in one end of it." she wanted to know the order number & other contact details & said she'd get back to me. still no word from anyone from surefire regarding my missing batteries. they just want a customer review. not impressed thus far with customer service. i will update--Jonathan

Reviewed by jonathan south (Posted on 8/31/14)


Last longer than regular battery and recharge super fast

Reviewed by Scott Dunn (Posted on 6/4/14)

Batteries CR123

I bought 4 a while back . Three work as they are supposed to. One is just bad won't charge. Been out of country for long time so not sure if I'll send it back . Don't like to find out these things when your in the out back country area. Still better than the opposition.

Reviewed by Ben0jamin (Posted on 4/16/14)

Good LFP

The battery works fine with my Vision HL, and U2, I paired it with a Xtra SP1 charger and works great as a combo.
No issue, highly recommended.

Reviewed by dwong (Posted on 3/6/14)



Do not use LFP 123A batteries with incandescent illumination tools. See Restrictions below.

These two LFP 123A lithium-phosphate rechargeable batteries—which retain approximately 50% of their original capacity even after 500 charging cycles—will power SureFire illumination tools that use disposable 123A lithium batteries. The runtime of these LFP 123A lithium-phosphate batteries is about 50% of that provided by disposable 123A lithium batteries; maximum output levels are typically not affected. Use of these rechargeable batteries can result in a cost savings over time, depending on usage habits. Recharge only with AC/DC charger included with SF2R-KIT01, sold separately.

  • LFP 123A lithium-phosphate rechargeable batteries provide hundreds of charging cycles
  • Use of LFP 123A batteries can result in cost savings over time, compared to disposable 123A lithium batteries
  • AC/DC charger sold separately


    Warning: As with disposable 123A lithium batteries, do not mix rechargeable LFP 123A lithium-phosphate batteries with other types or brands of batteries, including but not limited to 123A lithium batteries.

    Rechargeable LFP 123A batteries are only to be used to power LED illumination products (built to use 123A lithium batteries) and NOT those featuring incandescent lamps. The initial elevated voltage of these rechargeable batteries, immediately after charging, may cause the filament contained within an incandescent lamp to break or “burn out."

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