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Box of 12 SureFire 123A Lithium Batteries

SF12-BB - SureFire 123A Lithium Batteries

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senior flash light user

there has never been a better flashlight or batteries than surefire. Finally one that can be depended on. The switch quit working on one of mine and I called and they sent one right away. Thanks, SureFire.

Reviewed by rodger hanson (Posted on 10/15/13)

123A Lithium Batteries

These are awesome batteries. I walk my dog at five o'clock in the morning and the power of these batteries along with the light lamp, keep both my dog and myself safe from cars. And when approached by a stray dog, this flashlight combination has distracted the animal long enough for me to get out pepper spray.

Reviewed by AM (Posted on 10/15/13)

Krom 101

Great batteries, I have never been disappointed in their service, and have used them for many years.

Reviewed by Neil Blam (Posted on 10/14/13)

Great service and great product

These batteries have a long life in use and a long shelf life in storage. The delivery was on time. I appreciate good service.

Reviewed by H. Pietrzak (Posted on 10/14/13)

The Best, Hands Down

If you wnat your Surefire to operate like a "SURFIRE," then use these batteries. I've tried others over the years and still come back to these.
I always keep one or two dozen available at all times. These are the best "hands down".....

Reviewed by Paul P (Posted on 10/14/13)


Love these lights, but the battery life is a bit inadequate. I Used my surefire for about months, 20 minutes each night. Not continuous on but intermittently, and I had to replace them. Love the light, need longer life on battery.

Reviewed by Ray Pareker (Posted on 10/14/13)


The last 2 boxes of batteries I have purchased have had batteries that died before I took them out of the box. The ones that made it into the flashlight were fine, but I have had about 8 - 10 batteries that had terrible shelf life.

Reviewed by Gregg G (Posted on 10/14/13)

Great Shipping

Got the batteries as promised they are working great. Thanks

Reviewed by Jeff (Posted on 10/14/13)

Surefire 123A Lithium Batteries

As an aircraft inspector a good flashlight is a must and the one I use most often utilizes the 123A batteries, which in most places are expensive. Sometime ago a friend made me aware of Surefire and the prices are very reasonable and the battery life is good.

Thanks for providing a good product at a reasonable price.

Jim Lawson

Reviewed by Lawson Aero, LLC (Posted on 10/14/13)

surefire batteries

excellent value, excellent quaility

Reviewed by doucette (Posted on 10/14/13)


SF12-BB 084871820134
Optimized for use in SureFire flashlights, SureFire lithium batteries pack a lot of power into a small package. And unlike alkaline batteries SureFire high-performance lithium batteries boast a ten-year shelf life, which means they will be ready when you need them, every time.

For all SureFire Lithium battery powered lights

[NSN: 6135-01-554-0864]
  • High-performance batteries, optimized for high-drain use in flashlights
  • 10-year shelf life
  • Wide temperature tolerance
  • Built-in heat and fault (short-circuit) protection
  • Made in the USA to SureFire specifications

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