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Box of 12 SureFire 123A Lithium Batteries

SF12-BB - SureFire 123A Lithium Batteries

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Surefire 123A Batteries

These fit both my 'heavily used' camera and more than one flashlight....very nice to have a 'box' of batteries at the ready....and at a reasonable price!

Reviewed by BJ Runquist (Posted on 12/11/13)

batteries..second order

great price, fast delivery

Reviewed by Brenda Coleman (Posted on 12/11/13)

Surefire 123A Batteries

I have a couple of high power flashlights and have yet to find a battery better than these for performance and reliability.

Reviewed by Douglas Manuel (Posted on 12/11/13)



Reviewed by R.BUYERS (Posted on 12/10/13)

Always the best

Never buy any other brand. End of story. Get it. Got it. Good!

Reviewed by Grant Phipps (Posted on 12/5/13)

Comfort in a box

I just recently got flashlights that take the 123 batteries; including a surefire G2ZX combat light. Seeing all the prices on the 123 batteries, I was very impressed with surefire's deals that they have on the batteries. I live in Alaska and things are not cheap here in the north. Thanks to surefire and there great prices I now have an abundant supply of batteries for when they are needed.

Reviewed by R.Pitka (Posted on 12/4/13)

1st time Order

Very pleased with ease of ordering and quick delivery. Very convenient since I don't have to drive 25 miles to the nearest local source. Shelf life is great, since the last box of batteries that I received as gift with my light lasted over three years with no noticeable decrease in performance.

Reviewed by JD McCartney (Posted on 12/3/13)

Great price from a trusted place

No issues with these - I will definitely re-order them from Surefire when I need another box.

Reviewed by TK (Posted on 12/1/13)

SureFire Batteries

I am not the biggest customer I buy just one box a year and that lasts me. I have had a little surefire flashlight for quite awhile now and the light and batteries are definitely top notch. Battteries last forever it seems. Lot longer than the standard batteries you can get most anywhere. You will not go wrong with any surefire products!

Reviewed by Randal (Posted on 11/28/13)

Surefire Batteries

Surefire are the best batteries I have found anywhere for the price. Just recently I had to make a last minute purchase of Radio Shack batteries before leaving for the rain forest in Costa Rica, the Radio Shack batteries were overly expensive and quite a dissappointment for the night time activities I had planned in the Rain Forest. From now on I will have two boxes of Surefire batteries on the shelf.

Reviewed by Bob Jones (Posted on 11/28/13)


Optimized for use in SureFire flashlights, SureFire lithium batteries pack a lot of power into a small package. And unlike alkaline batteries SureFire high-performance lithium batteries boast a ten-year shelf life, which means they will be ready when you need them, every time.

For all SureFire Lithium battery powered lights

[NSN: 6135-01-554-0864]
  • High-performance batteries, optimized for high-drain use in flashlights
  • 10-year shelf life
  • Wide temperature tolerance
  • Built-in heat and fault (short-circuit) protection
  • Made in the USA to SureFire specifications

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